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09-21-07, 10:45 PM
i have an 8 year old son we suspect may have ADHD - inattentive. He has difficulty with reading and writing, has a tendency to daydream in class, and has trouble focusing. He is also having issues with some socialization skills - he is a perfectionist by nature, so afraid to fail. Therefore, he is reluctant to reach out and make new friends, try new things.

does this sound like ADHD - inattentive or should i be pursuing a different angle? we are meeting with the school psychologist next week - he just finished his testing. I am not certain what i should be asking, what the school or the psychologist should be doing for us.

any guidance or input would be most appreciated.

09-22-07, 12:27 AM
Do you have insurance? You might want to go the private testing route, if you do.

I know that I was assessed by a school/hospital program as a child, and they found nothing. Now at age 33 (three years ago), I was finally diagnosed as ADD.

If things with testing come up muddy or inconclusive, you may want to go with private testing.

School testing programs are often overburdened and not able to do the intensive investigation that kids deserve. (IME) They may only detect the most terribly compromised kids.

Being missed as a kid is catastrophic.

NB Many Inattentives (those w/o hyperactivity) are often missed too. We were the good, quiet, compliant kids, who never gave the Teacher's a problem, right? <G>

(Hyperactives++ are almost always obvious and identified early. A trained squirrel could identify them in a classroom. LOL)<G>

10-02-07, 06:12 AM
Thanks QueensU - we are waiting for the school psych's report and going to the doc with that as a starter. The school psych did recommend further testing when we met with him, so that gives me some encouragement that he wasnt just going thru the motions with my son...

10-02-07, 07:31 AM
Moojicat, I'm with QueensUGirl, and welcome aboard. The school systems are stressed. If you can, find out who will be doing the evaluation. I tried to get one through the school, to no avail, BUT ended up with the very same doctor privately, who does the evals for our school district. Age 8 is when ADHD innattentive came out for my son as well. school demands start to get harder, more papers don't make it back to the teacher, etc. The quiet ones are put in the back of the class where they can daydream away. Your son may have some anxiety issues too, from what little you wrote. Being a perfectionist can be a good thing, meaning he is driven to do what he needs to do, but with the ADHD, he may feel himself falling short of even his own expectations. ADHD also is common to have some tag-along issues like that and/or others. Good for you for being your son's advocate so early in his life. :-) It would be best for him to have a full psych workup just so you know the whole picture. A thorough eval for that age can take a good part of a day (several hours) to cover all of the tests they do.

11-03-07, 08:15 AM
Thank you FrazzleDazzle. My son attends a small private Christian school that is serviced by a county intermediate unit. the IU provides the testing and other support, e.g. reading help, speech, math help to the private schools in the county they service. The IU psych tested our son and did come up with a diagnosis of ADD inattentive. We have since seen the pediatrician and met with the school regarding strategies to help our son in school. Thankfully the school was receptive and they indicate his behavior has basically gone through a major turn around. He is taking Focalin XR at the lowest dosage and that seems to be doing the trick. It's only been a couple of weeks, but we have seen great improvement in his focusing abilities.

I do have to pick up some of the books recommended by the psych and get through those, but at least we are making progress.

If you can offer any other suggestions, they are most appreciated!:)