View Full Version : VERY Inattentive College Student... will Daytrana help?

09-24-07, 07:12 AM
Hi, I'm a full-time college student and would appreciate some input. I need allll day coverage to treat my inattentive symptoms. I've tried Adderall, Concerta, and Ritalin LA. I've had the most success with the methylphenidate drugs but the release seems sooo inconsistent. I'd like to give Daytrana a try.

I'm wondering if the all day release would be too weak. Are there any others out there that can compare this drug to others? Any students? Professionals in the workplace?

Without medication I am sooo disorganized and perform poorly in my courses and have great difficulty studying. I'm hoping to find a medication that helps without horrible side effects. My blood pressure is sometimes high and I don't want to make it go up too much. Maybe the long controlled release would be better than short-acting stimulants for this situation?

09-24-07, 05:55 PM
It ought to be worth a try. A number of people have posted positive results about daytrana on the forums. If it gives out late in the day you might ask your doc to give you a prescription for a small dose of instant release ritalin late in the day, as a booster.

I don't know what the effects on blood pressure will be with daytrana... my guess it will be similar to the extended release ritalin you have been taking.

Me :D

09-24-07, 05:57 PM
I hear that daytrana is better for most people because it works similar to other meds, but without most of the side effects so it may be worth a try.

09-25-07, 02:47 PM
My daughter started the patch in July 2007, she is 20 and I think it is really helping her, the only downside is the appetite suppression and weight loss. She was ok with that but her doctor and I weren't! Things seem to have leveled off and she started classes 2 weeks ago and she works also...the patch seems to be helping very well...tho she says she gets pretty irritable in the evenings at work. She was on Strattera for years and hated it, plus she has problems taking pills anyway, so the patch has been a blessing. Good luck.

09-25-07, 07:03 PM
How long does Daytrana actually last? I know it is supposed to be worn for 9 hours, but how much time is it really working well for? How long does it take to feel the drug?