View Full Version : New Study inicates lack of sleep DOUBLES the risk of heart disease.

09-24-07, 11:11 AM
Greetings, A new study recently released inidcates that an inadequate 'deep' sleep cycle can double the risk of heart disease. I suppose we stimulant users need to think about ways to minimize the effects of this since most of us suffer sleep cycle problems. Any suggestions or thoughts? Drug holidays? Suppliments? Ambien?

09-24-07, 11:29 AM
Using the lowest effective dose of your medicine is one way to go. If you take multiple doses, eliminating or reducing the evening dose can help prevent sleep problems. I have taken lunesta when I was having sleep problems and it worked really well for me. I don't know if sleep aids will counteract the risk of not sleeping but if you are really having problems like I was (where you would be up till 2 or 3 in the morning) then sleep aids may be a possible answer.

10-01-07, 04:48 PM
I got terrible sleep in college, partly due to Strattera and partly due to my habits back then. After about 2 years of living this way, I started having heart issues. I immediately stopped Strattera and had all kinds of tests done. I stopped taking Strattera, started getting better sleep and living healthier overall, and the problems went away. Thankfully, there was no permanent damage.

What the doctors and I determined was that it was unlikely that Strattera alone caused the heart issues, since I'm young, have a healthy heart, and have no personal family history of heart problems. It was the combination of stress, Strattera, and lack of sleep. Each part worsened the other two, forming a vicious spiral.

I'm on Adderall now. If I take it in the morning and avoid caffeine, I get the therapeutic effect during the day and have no trouble sleeping. I haven't experienced any heart issues on Adderall. Never underestimate the importance of getting a full night's sleep. My health, my performance, and my piece of mind are all absolutely dependent on getting a full night's rest.