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09-29-07, 02:18 AM
My husband and I are really tired of what we are eating Ramen Cheap Hotdogs potatoes and meat and hamburger helper i am tired of it so someplease give me recipes anything Except fish my husband hates it please please some help us i am not a cooker and neither is my husband

09-29-07, 02:54 AM
I think your bodies are rebelling against the stuff you feed them.

If you want something really easy, get chicken breasts in bulk from the freezer section at Costco. Put your favorite spices on the chicken breast or just seasonned salt, and pan fry or grill them. Steam some brocolli, and then pick one of these for carbs:

Plain ol boiled potatoes.
Mashed potatoes (if you're really lazy, they come in a box too)
white rice with soy sauce or hot pepper sauce
Pasta Roni side dish

My favorite: fried rice

1. Cook some rice 1 1/2 cups rice w/ 2 cups water
2. Scramble 2 or 3 eggs in a big pot
3. Put the eggs on one side of the pot, put a few tablespoons of canola/veg oil on the other side and mix it up with the rice you made
4. Mix the whole thing together, add soy sauce, garlic powder and (the trick) a splash of sesame oil. That makes all the difference.
5. Add frozen peas to the mix, and if you got it, chopped up green onions. Serve right away (the peas will thaw in 30 seconds or less in the hot mix) Add soy sauce to taste.

Super easy, super good, and way way healthier than Ramen or hot dogs.

Chicken breasts = protein, rice = carbs, broccolli = vitamins & minerals

09-29-07, 08:20 AM
And here's my favourite non-junk junk food, makeable in 10 minutes or so. It satisfies the craving for mac and cheese with none of the guilt. An advantage of using cauliflaur is that it tastes about the same as macaroni but doesn't give your body the huge shot of carbs that noodles do, so you avoid the sleepiness you get from lots of carbs.

Don't leave the room while cooking this -- each stage goes quickly and things can boil over or burn easily.

Start a pot of lightly salted water simmering. Break down a whole head of cauliflower into smaller nubbins and set them aside. In a frying pan melt a couple tablespoons of butter, and mix in a tablespoon of white flour. Let this paste cook for a minute or so, then add a cup of milk and mix well with the paste. It will begin to thicken. If it gets too thick add more milk a little bit at a time and stir it in.

Throw the cauliflower into the water to cook.

Cut up small chunks of cheese, or take grated cheese and throw it into the milk mixture, let it melt and stir it around. Flavour as desired with pepper or cayenne, or a scoop of hot salsa works well too.

Drain the cauliflower and mix it with the sauce. Gobble it up!

As you get used to this recipe the sauce can be made with broth or white wine or any number of other liquids.


09-29-07, 08:32 AM
Some easy entree things we do for dinnertime:

Baked potatoes (microwaved) with chilli and cheese

Little pizzas using bagels, english muffins, or bobolis for the crust


cheese crisps made in the pan, add beans, peppers, tomatos, whatever inside to melt with the cheese

salad nights

Rice bowls: microwave some rice in a 3.00 rice cooker from walmart, warm up some frozen teriyaki chicken strips from the freezer section and top with veggies if you like and teriyaki sauce

you might look into getting a crock pot and a crockery cookbook. You just toss things in there and turn it on in the morning and you've got a good meal in the evening.

09-29-07, 01:43 PM
You can get a rice cooker for 3$ ? I've never seen one for less than 8

09-29-07, 01:48 PM
Okay, your are right, it might be more like 8, but it was cheap! It works really well too, nice fluffy, not-sticky rice, and you just pop it in the microwave for around 15 minutes while you prepare the other stuff.

09-30-07, 04:35 AM
One Day All Of Us Dinner On Me Okay..
I Am Going Ot Be Writing All The Down And Buying For Tomorrow...
If You Have Anymore Ideas Please Post Them On This Thread.. Please Please Please I Will Be Looking Here Daily.. For This Stuff Thanks Being Nine Months And Having Crap Come Up Has Left Me Umm Brainless Right Now.. So Thank You Again And I Will Let You Know How It Turns Out.. I Am Printing It Tomorrow Or Sunday The 30th Thank Again.. *hugs*

09-30-07, 07:05 AM
Now I remember why I'm vegetarian and a wannabe vegan.


Try bean and grain combinations.

PS Do you eat white bread too? If so, I hope you get off that stuff. They take out about 30 nutrients, put back 12 and call it "enriched". It should be called "robbed". Some of the stuff they remove is linked to keeping blood sugar regulated too (e.g. chromium and selenium).

09-30-07, 07:09 AM
I wonder if there is a Health Unit or Public Health Nurse or someone who can help you to make more nutritious meals. Your body must be just screaming for fresher and healthier foods.

10-01-07, 08:44 AM
My husband and I are really tired of what we are eating Ramen Cheap Hotdogs potatoes and meat and hamburger helper i am tired of it so someplease give me recipes anything Except fish my husband hates it please please some help us i am not a cooker and neither is my husbandI think one of the best inventions is the crock pot. there is so much you can do with it and all it takes is dumping a few ingreidents in and turning it on, and presto you have a good meal

here is one that is very good
about one cup diced ham
two cans cream corn
small package bacan bits
can cream potato soup
two potatoes cut up or diced
dash onion powder
put together in morning cook on lowby afternoon you will have ham potato soup.
another :
two pork chops
can cream mushroom soup
onion sliced
can peas
2tbl spn worstishire sause
dash garlic powder
combine in morning cook on low, searve over instant rice.