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09-29-07, 08:58 AM
Suggestion for Finding a Coach--

If you are familiar with Craig's list, you know it's a website where you can post ads for most anything--most are free depending on the category. Why not post an ad in the "help wanted" section (since you would in effect be offering someone a job, also I couldn't find a more appropriate section), explain a little about your situation and see what replies you get. In the "compensation offered", put "to be determined". You don't have to reveal your name or actual e-mail address. (Yes, I did it, and yes it is working...) Be VERY cautious though in responding--it's alot like posting a personals ad. Make it clear in the initial ad that you're not interested in scams or schemes. I've gotten some valid responses and some quacks---so be forewarned, ha! And I'm taking my time in deciding if I want to follow through with any of

Good luck!

02-07-09, 09:02 PM
I could see doing this to find a personal assistant I really can't see professional ADHD Coach looking for clients on Craigslist. Some many post their services there though.