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10-02-07, 06:23 PM
My oldest son who is 7 is having a horrible time in school. He has been diagnosed ADHD and BIPOLAR. Now the issue is that he has a terrible time in school staying focused enough to learn. Are there any schools soly specific for ADHD/BIPLOR children??? I live in Arizona, so any info would be fantastic. thanks

10-02-07, 06:45 PM
I understand that Bipolar is a hard thing to figure out in kids. There is a lot of overlap/confusion between Bipolar and other disorders.

I'd consult various different pediatric specialists, if it were my own child.

NB Exercise can calm kids down a lot, to help them FOCUS and learn. It's also great for mood improvement and reducing frustration.

Remember: Schools have cut the hour a day of gym that we older folks used to get as kids...

10-02-07, 06:56 PM
I'm not sure about could probably google it or go to your cities mental health site? I will provide some links I have used researching my own BP and my oldest son's.

I know here in Ohio they have Applewood schools for children with mental disablities? You would think they have them all over the states?

I had my fair share of issues...and sadly we didn't know until March he was BP. And the help I got was too late.

He was a handfull from the time he was 4 until now.
He was dx with ADD that young after he got "asked" to leave preschool for throwing tamtrums including chairs at teachers. I think I only had about a year all together of peace while he was in school. There was nothing back then in the small town in Tx where I grew up.

By middle school he became unruly and truant and finally got into legal troubles. It was then that his probation officer told us about a program for kids like him, after his second round of going through the legal system

We tried an alternative school that were full of "troubled" kids most of them just delinquents...smaller class rooms, only main subjects wiht the option of several online courses.

However, without the special training of staff they couldn't handle him. He made it through his last year of 8th...and we tried mainstreaming him to the HS, that didn't work out well. He went back to the other program and finally just stopped going at all. Sadly later on we found out they had a special program for "mentally" ill and troubled teens right in the highschool. And we found out they had other programs available for kids like him.

It's like a secret or what? That was after he was dx with BPII and had missed almost the entire year and was facing 2 years in a juvenile facility, hospitalization for suicidal tendiences..and now has been a runaway since July. I can't say enough how important getting them help including out of mainstream until they are ready is.

I still am in awe it took him being in severe legal trouble before we got help? Help that is funded by the government designed for kids just like him. And it came from his "second" probation officer.

If this had been offered in the beginning....we might still have him in school, ? There were quite a few people who got in trouble at the school behind this. The main school phsycologist was appalled at missing the obvious signs my son needed a lot of help. Lucky I didn't have the energy to sue them. It seems a lot of these programs that are often funded by the state are "hidden" away from us.

It's sad that we live in a Reactive society instead of a Proactive one.

I would start poking around the Human Services, possibly call juvenile centers, talk to the school physcologist, see if there is an ADDA / CHADD group near you where you can talk to other parents?

If there is a program you might have to dig for it? I will try to do some research for you and see what I can find. Here in Ohio the program my son was in was called PEP (positive education program) they actually have thier own schools separate from the mainstream and have trained mental health staff. Pep works as a liasion and advocates between the schools and juvenile system specifically for mentally ill children who are in crisis.

I wish you the best. I know how hard it is. Holding your breath everytime the phone rings...thinking oh crap do I have to go to the school again? Or listening to some teacher who has barely an ounce of knowledge about these kids go on and on blah blah blah. I always wanted to send my son home with them for a week and see how they could "fix" him.

It's frustrating, but being your son's champion,advocate and researching anything and everything possible is extremely important for you and for him.

Keep in touch and let us know. Maybe later on I will have some info for you.

Here are a couple of sites that might help with education, support, and research. ( (aka CABF Child & Adolescent Bipolar Foundation) ( ( ( (national alliance on mental illness) ( (national institute on mental health)

One day at a time...

Take care

10-03-07, 10:03 AM
Thanks...that helps.

10-03-07, 10:46 AM
You are welcome. That is why we are here.
Please let us know how it goes?

Hope :)