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10-03-07, 12:03 AM
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I have spent the last couple of days in very interesting conversation with a Bob Collier, one of Baughman's followers. He has a couple of sites that support that ADHD is a myth.. Won't even attempt to polute this site with his comments or the links to his site.

Anyways.. I presented a challenge to Dr. B and Mr. Collier -- Dr B was was cc"d by Mr Collier - simple challenge to put his money where his mouth is.. If he really thinks that ADHD is not real, that it is only a scam created by the medical community.. try the following

Create a Publicly Announced CONTROLLED Scientific study.. A simple one for sure. Get a number of Diagnosed, articulate ADHD ADULTS in a room for several hours. Adults because we may be better able to describe their physical feelings.

Make sure that none of these individuals haven't taken any form of medication or suppliments. Then interview them/us, see how they/we are, what they/we are like.. Ask them to describe their emotions, their feelings - have them/us perform complex tasks. Tasks that we have difficulty performing or following through.

Then have us/them take their medication and interview them again .

I suggested that the test must be performed in a Controlled environment and for fairness and neutrality, there must be ADHD Medical Experts who are also involved with the questioning and research. In fact out of fairness there should be a meta study (meta-analysis combines the results of several studies that address a set of related research hypotheses) so that there will be no doubt or concern.

This challenge was offered to Collier on Monday Morning, and was forwarded to dr. b about an hour ago. At this time, I got a lot of foot dancing from Collier, where the challenge has not been acknowledged.. Hmm, I wonder, could it possibly be that we may Actually be able to Prove once and for all that there has been so many advancements in science, and even more discoveries since the DR has retired in 1999?

As I asked in my email, what does he have to lose if he "really" believes in what many believe to be totally unsupported personal thoughts and rhetoric.

I will advise the group to his response..

But, I did suggest that there would be many who would be willing to have him put up or shut up..

What are your thoughts?
Karen M