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10-03-07, 08:09 PM
so i finally picked up my focalin today--5mg x 2 a day. before, i tried adderall 20mg XR and 10mg IR for 2 weeks and stopped.

so i popped the first pill around noon. its now 5pm. i felt it kicking in, and i felt like doing things. but one thing im not sure of---i was doing work at my computer most of the time, but i felt like i was jittery? or was i getting anxiety? whatever it was, i felt like i needed to get up and walk around. does anyone ever feel like they cant stay still? is this a bad thing?

im risking a sleepless night, but im gonna pop the 2nd pill in a litttle bit. im pretty sure the first pill is done and gone, but i just want to make sure about the rebound. so far, it seems alot easier coming down, compared to the adderall. we shall see....

2 weeks ago, i had no clue about any ADD meds. but now im trying to read up on all of them. if this focalin doesnt work, i might ask to try dex. does anyone here have any history with dex?

10-03-07, 08:11 PM

anyone know about having a beer, or two, while on focalin?

or wine?

alcohol in general?

10-24-07, 11:42 AM
so how are you doing on focalin? how is it compared to your adderall experience?

Matt S.
10-24-07, 12:50 PM

anyone know about having a beer, or two, while on focalin?

or wine?

alcohol in general?
It isn't recommended but I can't imagine that done in moderation, like say one beer would be too harmful, it would be safe to advise doing it at night after it is out of your system.

10-25-07, 01:04 PM
so how are you doing on focalin? how is it compared to your adderall experience?as in side effects......NIGHT AND DAY. focalin is SOOOO much easier on my body. here are the side effects i have so far experienced when it wears off:

slight headache.
slight anxiety.
sour stomach.

and i think thats it.

side effects while its working:

almost like an adrenaline rush?? like i need a ciggarette to calm down. but heart rate is fine--which im usually around 55bpm at sit position. 120/80 blood pressure. so it seems my vitals are doing good.

plus, the adrenaline rush feeling, its when i doubled up on my dose. i tried doubling my dose from 5mg to 10mg IR, thinking the 5mg was not working? but now, i only take the 5mg, because i dont like the adrenaline rush. and i am still taking care of stuff. maybe i need to try something like 7.5mg?

and those side effects seem to be getting less and less noticeable as time goes on.

i was feeling some killer stomach sensations. sensations i cant really describe. its like heartburn, but in my lower abdomen. got it checked out, and my doctor said no signs of any danger, or anything for that matter. she theorizes that maybe its the few whiskey shots i had a few weeks ago, or the spicy food i like, or the stress, or whatever. so bland food and no drinky for a few weeks.

adderall has nothing on focalin--in my personal physical experience. I thought the adderall was AWESOME when it worked. but it was inconsistent in working, and the side effects when it wears off and after.....F*** that ****.

Focalin feels ALOT more smoother, and alot more subtle. alot of the times, i find it hard to figure out if its even working, or is wearing off. its so weird. but at the end of the day, im alot more productive than i was before. and i think its because of the pill. no other way to assess it.

focalin = could possibly be my miracle pill??? so goood

i hate taking meds. i fought this whole idea of this ADD pills for years. but finally, due to the stress and workload, and more frequent overwhelming feelings from school, i finally said OK to my therapist. you all have been a great support and I thank you for making my journey with this stuff alot easier.

D.B. Cooper
10-25-07, 01:19 PM
Im on a focalin trial now at 10mg per dose.

It seems to have a zombifying effect on me at some point during the metabolization and just lacks the insights and creativity of amphetamine. I also seem to metabolize the stuff really fast or my dopamine receptors are down regulating the effects. The fact that it lacks a lot of PNS stimulation is a great thing but so far im not entirely impressed.

My rankings:

Dexedrine (d-amphetamine)
Focalin (d-methylphenadate)
Adderall (racemic amphetamine)
Ritalin (racemic Methylphenadate)

11-24-11, 08:36 PM
are you all still taking Focalin?