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True North
10-04-07, 10:54 AM
I have not been diagnosed, but I believe I have ADD and to that end I would like to start utilizing some tools to help me. Whether it turns out that I have it or not, I do not believe that injecting some organization and time management management will hurt.

I will say that I can be a very organized person, but it takes a lot of effort for me to be so. I like tidy spaces, but my house is a disaster and it REALLY bothers me. I just can't seem to just DO it. I was intending to last night, but instead I watched a couple movies. Not so very productive. It feels like I just have no energy or motivation to do things like that, which is a part of me I really hate. This post is for tools though, not medications (if you have some suggestions, please post to me in my post regarding natural remedies).

I am wondering what tools you have been able to use to get organized, not lose or misplace items, pay bills on time, etc.


Matt S.
10-04-07, 11:06 AM
There's a book I can recommend first off and that is ADD-friendly ways to manage your life, it utilizes tools like color coding files and all sorts of reminders and lists, I have a cell phone with a schedule feature that I use to vibrate with reminders to do certain things as well, I need that because I make lists and lose them and get sidetracked constantly and my piles have great grandchildren, the only open and look at once rule for junk mail can help with bills too, if that big pile of 85% junk mail has bills in it too like mine do.