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Lady Lark
10-04-07, 11:20 AM
OK, here's the back story. My stepdaughter (the younger one) moved in with us in June to give it a try here and see if she wanted to stay (she has to stay at least the semester). Things seemed to be going good, and she really seemed to like it here. She's made new friends, is in the school play, gone out a couple times (with friends), though she's never been the social butterfly type. Oh, and so you know my brother, sister in law, and their youngest daughter live right next door.

So, talking with my SIL this morning and apparently Tammy has been writing poetry that deals with sucide. My SIL wated me to know about it since this can be very serioous, but she also doesn't want us to let Tammy know we know since she may stop telling my neice and SIL things.

So now I'm left to wonder, is this just normal teenage angst, is it homesickness, or is it clinical? I'm not planning in any way, shape, or form of ignoring this since it is very serious, but I'm not sure what to do. How do I approach this without sutting her down completly, or getting her all PO'ed about it.

Any advice?