View Full Version : BP and Financial Ruin. Truth in the Stats?

10-08-07, 10:25 PM
So many of us here have begun face some brutal realities in our lives and share some not so pretty facts.

Let's take it a step further.
I will take the time to admit something I am not proud of here.
Curious to see if the statistics are true.

I spent many years cleaning up messes in my financial life. Mostly caused by ignorance and youth.

After years of cleaning up my credit. I was good to go.
I wanted to bring my mother to Ohio since her health was poor and my siblings were moving away.
So we discussed her moving here, commited to it. She is still ok to live on her own, so the idea of her living with my nutty family including 3 very busy ADD boys was not an option. So we have the option of 2 families here.

So after cleaning up my credit, I decided it was time to look at buying a home.
So I did. Rather quickly. And in the same month bought a car. Lets take a minute to face one reality here. I was struggling before that. Had a car that was paid for , but broke down every other week. My mortgage added with insurance and house taxes brought what would have been my rent, up by another 300 per month. ~ sigh ~ I know I know

Now after a year. My car blew up, leaving me with a left over balance to pay. I have credit cards, I ran up trying to pull myself out, and payday loans left unpaid. I spent months digging myself out of bounced check fees, because I either forgot about purchases, or just thought they will be okay my check will hit in time...right. This compounding an already thin ice financial sitaution.

Now my house is in foreclosure and I have a bankruptcy attorney on retainer.

Now who here can raise there hand and join in , in the humiliation and oh so real fall out of a what is listed as a typical BP symptom?

Any takers?

Believe me. We have all brought it up. I just didn't want to go there.
I am embarrassed and ashamed. I hide from my phone, miss court dates to fight judgements and now for the business I am in, feel I am commiting the cardinal sin. Filing bankruptcy. Never mind the fact. A. I might lose my home and find myself homeless
B. Have to tell my mom she has no home to come to?

Ok the demon is out of the closet.

10-08-07, 10:35 PM
I run back and forth like a gerbil in a cage. I decided about a year and half ago to take several thousand dollars and invest in the old man's career. Also since discovering my dyscalculia, I have turned all mathematical situations including bill tending over to him.

And so far? Its been working well. Nothing close to ruins, but I still stress anyway. Its been too close for too many years for me to let go of the anxiety just yet.

10-08-07, 10:57 PM
Yes I had to come to terms with the fact the "Control" Queen, had to be removed from her throne. Hard fact to swallow. Until I get ahold of that mania and ostrich like behavior that comes with the fall out. I have closed my checking account. Only leave a savings open with no ATM card. With a small amount to attempt to save ...and opened a loadable visa account. One that does not allow you to take more than is there. Can't use it for gas, unless I want it to hold this saves me from those pesky little transactions that bit me in the ****.... still able to pay bills online...cause I hate to go out and do it face to face...but no more bouncing checks.

This is safer to me. One baby step at a time.

10-09-07, 12:18 AM
Oh it's driving me NUTS letting him handle the money! I am just convinced he is going to do something wrong and it will be my fault because I did not stay in control...which is just stupid. One of the effects of dyscalculia is the practical inability to handle money.

Boy did it hurt the day I finally looked at myself and realized that I had for 3 years blown the annuity, other than the year I gave it to him to go to school. I blew it. I am terrible with money and that's the facts, ma'am.