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10-09-07, 01:21 AM
Hello everyone :)

I just started Daytrana (I'm 33) and wanted to share my experience thus far.

Brief background: In the past 6 months I've tried Provigil (200mg), Adderall IR, Adderall XR, Dexedrine IR, Ritalin IR, Focalin IR and now Daytrana (last 4 days).

Provigil was the 1st stimulant (sorta) I was ever rx'd for ADD. I really liked Provigil but after about 3-4 weeks it seemed like it wasn't working as well so my Dr. increased my dose from 100mg's/day to 200mg's/day which did help some but after a couple of weeks Provigil just lost it's magic. I was pretty frustrated because Provigil (for me) was very unique and subtle in both it's onset and duration of action.

After trying IR Adderall for the first time I was in awe! But after a few weeks and several dose adjustments my therapeutic window started getting shorter and shorter so I switched to Adderall XR in hopes of smoothing out any "peaks and valleys" and hopefully more/better coverage. However, my body ripped the XR to shreds in about 5-6 hrs. tops and even with the addition of a 10mg pm booster it just didn't work well for me.

Next, I tried Mallinckrodt's 5mg IR Dexedrine tabs. and was amazed at how smooth they were. Dexedrine felt stronger than Adderall minus all the extra "PNS". I really liked Dexedrine because it was sooo smooth and had very little rebound but in the long run I think Dexedrine was a little too smooth and didn't give me the extra kick I need to get moving. So, my Dr. started talking about methylphenidate options (IR Ritalin).

My first 10mg dose of Ritalin was AWESOME! I had extreme CLARITY for the first time in my life! My mind was super clear, I felt motivated and very positive overall. Ritalin gave me boundless energy with a sense of purpose and determination. I thought Dexedrine gave me an extremley clear/sharp mind but this was a whole new level. However, this edge came with a price - REBOUND REBOUND REBOUND!!!

The first 2 hrs. or so were FANTASTIC but then the rebound set in and would last another 2 hrs...I know it sounds strange but I metabolize most pills very fast. I wonder if I might have been better off with the "BRAND" IR Ritalin instead of generic "Mallinckrodt" 20mg tablets?

Anyhow, IR Focalin (brand) was (to me) much like Ritalin except cleaner with less side-effects (PNS). I could definitely tell it was pure d-methylphenidate. Focalin's onset and duration were also very smooth but IMO just not as therapeutic as Ritalin (clarity-wise).

I have to admitt I was a bit weary when my Dr. suggested that I try Daytrana probably because I'm so used to controlling my dosing schedule with IR tablets. However, after researching Daytrana a good bit I decided to give it a try.

I started Daytrana 4 days ago (10mg patches) and must say the delivery system is as steady as it gets. My first day, I wore the patch for 9+ hours and after I removed it, it kept working for another 4 hours and during that time I remained pretty well focused and on task (reading, working out etc.). After 3.5-4 hours I started getting tired (no rebound) so I went to bed and slept great.

For me, Daytrana takes about 3 hours to kick in (avg. lag time - 3.1hrs.) but once it reaches this state there are no "peaks or valleys" for the rest of day.

Day 4 - 1st 15mg patch:

I mowed the lawn and did a bunch of yardwork and by the 3.5 hour mark (after putting the patch on) I felt a subtle energy surge and started pushing the lawn mower faster. Also, my mind and vision became crystal clear! My thought process slowed down just enough to feel balanced and on task. I'm going to put the patch on 3-4 hours earlier tomorrow and hopefully (fingers crossed) I'll be in good shape. 15mg's definitley had more of the kick and focus that I've been looking for. 10mg's was decent but not like 15 ;)

It's funny, but since I put the patch on kind of late today, I think I reached "steady state" just as I was almost done mowing the lawn because I kept thinking about hopping on my Nordic Trak for a good cardio work-out but I jumped in the shower instead ;)

I would love to hear or share experiences with anyone on Daytrana. If you have any questions please ask away!

Take care,

namaste' :D

10-11-07, 12:23 AM
Quick Update: Day 6

I know the whole idea of the patch is to release very evenly throughout the day (which is awesome!) until it's removed. However, at times, I feel almost too mellow or 'flat' compared to what's going on around me (like I need a couple cups of coffee to get my bearings). However, at the same time I'm wide awake and (at times) feel like a zombie :faint:

When my dose was increased to 15mg's 3 days ago I finally felt like I found my 'sweet spot' but I kept thinking all the positive energy and wonderful focus was a 'fluke' and would be short-lived but I was wrong it lasted all day and 3-4 hours after I removed the patch (9pm) :cool:

Anyway, yesterday and today (mostly yesterday) haven't been quite the same. However, the coverage has been 'super steady' but my energy level has declined and at random times of the day I get spacy and drowsy :confused: Does this sound normal? I never had this problem on Ritalin (except during rebound :eek: ).

Has anyone else had experience with Methylphenidate causing drowsiness and/or producing a 'flat' emotional feeling at higher doses? I know it's different for everyone but any experience or advice is greatly appreciated :)


namaste' :D

10-12-07, 03:46 AM
Hey Namaste,
I've been reading your posts regarding Daytrana...not too many of us out there. I've been using the Daytrana patch for a little over 3 weeks now. What you are describing has been my biggest complaint. I can't figure out if I'm just underdosed or if methylphenidate is just too sedating/calming for me. I find myself zoning out staring at the trees. :p It's amusing and relaxing but not at all useful. My pdoc isn't very proficient in prescribing this stuff either...his own ADHD is so poorly controlled I have to constantly double check his RX's and correct him. (We really aren't a good fit) He's starting to think I'm depressed, but I just don't buy it. Or, maybe I am depressed because I'm underdosed and I'm back to my pre-treatment days of napping and procrastinating and falling behind and feeling like a loser.

Ritalin IR never did this to me either, but Concerta did. Waiting to be properly dosed is killing me. The impatience factor is ridiculous. You can ask to take oral methylphenidate while you're titrating up so you don't have to walk around underdosed, and then taper off when you reach a therapeutic level. Also, I think a lot of people take an IR in the morning while they're waiting for the patch to become effective. (Neither of these things has crossed my doctor's mind) Maybe these solutions will help you see if it's the drug or a dosage problem.

Good Luck.

10-14-07, 05:32 PM
Hey 2scattered,

Welcome to the forum :)

Thanks for the's nice to know I'm not the only person trying Daytrana. So, how's the patch been treating you the last few days? Still staring at the trees??? :eyebrow: j/k...Funny you mentioned that though because I've been doing the same thing :eek: ...what's up with that?

So, what size/dose patch are you using? I titrated up to 20 but then went back down to 15 because it seemed like 20 made me zone out even more and made me a little jittery. Plus, I'm doing the "free 30 patch deal" right now and I'm right in the middle of getting new insurance so I can't afford to run out just yet (way too expensive :rolleyes: ).

Anyhow, I can't seem to figure out if I need more or less? Or, if "less is more" :confused: Or, maybe I just need to be more patient :faint: Btw, I did ask my Pdoc. if I could take a dose of Ritalin in the mornings but he said he wanted to see how I responded to the patch before adding any oral methylphenidate.

Hope to hear from you soon!

Take care,

Namaste' :D

10-15-07, 12:00 AM
2scattered and anyone with Daytrana experience:

This morning I applied (1) 15mg patch @ 11:30am and by 5pm it felt like it had worn off :eyebrow: I was suddenly in a state of "rebound"!!! I couldn't believe it :eek: hour or two later, I noticed the "fog" lifting, my energy returning (full force) and felt more focused than I'd been all day! Pretty strange huh?

Has anyone ever experienced this before???

*Side note: I've been on Daytrana for 10 days now and I've stuck to the same routine each day so I don't think this happened because of something I did differently.

Btw, I eat really well, sleep 8+ hrs. a night and exercise 6 days a week.

Thanks for any experience in advance.

Namaste' :D

10-16-07, 01:01 AM
I was using the 15 mg patch, but I d/c'd it last Friday. I just couldn't continue spending my days so dreamy and drowsy and I figured that it was going to take at least another 2 weeks, based on my doctor's by the book titration schedule, to get to a therapeutic dose. My pdoc and I agreed that I was probably underdosed...1.6 mg/hr is nothing compared to the 30-45mg IR Ritalin regimen I was previously on. (Before trying Concerta and Adderall) Maybe you and your doc should take your Ritalin IR dosage and your Focalin dosage into account when trying to figure out if you're under/overdosed. I think in the beginning it's a pretty straight conversion. Some people end up wearing 2 patches for awhile. After 5-6 weeks or so the amount you absorb from the patch increases so many people back down. So, less does end up being more. You were wondering this about yourself, but I don't know if this happens so fast.

For such a smooth delivery system, I too definitely felt what I thought were peaks and valleys. But maybe we're crazy, because I don't know if peaks and valleys are really possible w/ a transdermal delivery system. At any rate, I was driving myself crazy trying to figure out if the patch was working or not or if I was under/overdosed.

We even went so far as to add Strattera to maybe make up for where the patch was lacking, but that was a nightmare. At my appnt. on Friday I told my doc that enough was enough. I was tired of waiting around to see if this thing was going to work. He agreed to a trial of Vyvanse and so far, so good. It doesn't have the PNS effects Adderall did and since it's basically Dexedrine or Adderall w/out the l-amp it's very calming, but not at all sedating like Daytrana. It might drop off a bit early (it's supposed to last 12 hours) but I'm on the lowest dose and it's only been 3 days so it's pretty hard to tell. It's definitely better for me than the Daytrana drowsiness or uncontrollable zoning out sessions, spent staring at the trees. ;)

Good Luck to you. I hope you get to a point where you can just put the thing on and not think about it again until you take it off.

BTW, there's a free 30 day trial on Shire's Vyvanse's website. Not trying to sway you or anything....:)