View Full Version : Hey anyone around this late?

10-10-07, 11:54 PM
Depressive state has hit me so hard. I worked up until Sept 14 and then quit my job. I LOVED my job for five years before feb and then it all went downhill. My boss wasn't growing a set to make changes so instead of literally being sick everyday, I quit.

I regret it every single day b/c I miss my job so much. Not the witches I worked with but my job, my patients.

Now I am home. 3 children, 2 in school but home at 2. I have no degree and I can't get a job doing massage therapy that would build up quickly enough to pay for daycare for three.

My dh doesn't want me to try this online biz idea I had even though it is not one of those scams and it's a low start up cost and we can't afford for me to go back to school

We bought our house and planned our lives around me having that income.

So now I am JUST a housewife who feels like she can spend no money at all.

My two boys, seven and five, fight non-stop and I can't handle it. So I try to avoid it as a friend so "lovingly" pointed out today that I don't "enjoy" my children.

I cannot be this person, I hate it with every fiber of my being.:mad:

10-11-07, 05:28 PM
Sorry to hear it...some of that sounds familiar.

Have you been diagosed, officially, with BP or Depression?

Are you on meds?

10-11-07, 07:16 PM
Yep, sounds a bit familiar to me too. I am around at various times, and am so sorry I was not here when you needed someone! :(

10-11-07, 07:36 PM
Can you get out and meet other people (e.g. moms)? You sound isolated at home.