View Full Version : Trying Methylin for the next 30 days.

10-14-07, 12:32 PM
So I seen my phyciatrist for the first time on friday and we decided to stop the adderall xr 20mg for this month and try out ritalin for the next 30 days to see what that does to me. He also made me up my zoloft dosage to 150mg and prescribed me 1mg klonopin to take nightly as he said I will sleep through the sleepyness side effect and it will continue to work for me into the next day...

As far as the ritalin goes, I am not quite sure yet. I do know that I dont have that buzz feeling that the adderall gave me which is a plus. Also it seemed like adderall was sedating me alot more and I also did'nt like the bad rebounds that happened on the adderall.

The past couple days though since being on the ritalin I have noticed alot better focus than what the adderall would give me.. Its a little early yet so we will have to see. But I do know so far since switching from adderall to ritalin, I have had alot less screwups at work. :)