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10-19-07, 10:45 AM
I'm fuming!

Here's the link to today's article in my local paper. (

Last month, the School Board sent a warning to parents about the “harmful effects” of drugs used to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.
Much of the flier’s information was taken from the Internet, including from a Web site run by a group founded by the Church of Scientology.

This week, six national organizations and eight local groups sent a letter requesting that the School Board retract the flier and send a new one stating that ADHD is a disease that requires treatment.
I don't know if my comments will be approved but here's my $.02:

Shame on the school board!
Did they not do their research into the Citizens Commission on Human Rights? CCHR is a Scientology front group, aimed at spreading propaganda against psychiatry. We're lucky we don't have a Scientology presence in Hampton Roads! and I'm thankful my son is NOT in the Portsmouth school system. Without ADD medications, a wonderful teacher, a great therapist, and parents who love and care for him, he'd be failing second grade right now. And perhaps Ms. Daniels needs to educate herself about ADHD instead of using one child back in the early 1980's as her sole basis on how ADHD affects a child or adult. One case doesn't fit all.
- ADD Girl - Suffolk

Matt S.
10-19-07, 10:49 AM
My father used to be like that when I was younger, kids are quick to believe it too

10-19-07, 11:48 AM
I wasn't diagnosed till I left home (partially because of that) because of this kind of bul****, my mother was/is so scared of pharmacutical companies and doctors, she knew I had problems but thought it best to ignore them and hope they disapear rather than send me to see a doc about it. I would be somewhere much better and different if it wasn't for that kind of fear mongering.

10-19-07, 12:35 PM
Way to go kittenpoker

I can't believe that Daniels person said

{quote]Daniels said she hasn’t received any criticism about the flier from parents. However, she said, she’s heard about concerns that information in the flier was taken from Citizens Commission on Human Rights, a California-based group with ties to the Church of Scientology.

The connection to the church, Daniels said, is irrelevant.

“That is totally and completely unimportant and makes me think that people are not concerned with what the issue is,” she said. She also said that CHADD is biased because it receives money from the pharmaceutical industry.{End Quote}

Daniels is full of crap and is part of the spreading of misinformation. .

CHADD may receive 30% of their money from pharmaceutical companies but Scientology opposes psychiatry because it has it's own brand of psychiatry they want to promote.

Psychiatry and Scientology (

At first, Dianetics attracted followers by promising to cure psychiatric and psychosomatic disorders through a procedure called "dianetic auditing," based on pop-psychology, hypnosis, and cybernetics.

In it early years Dianetics was faced by legal problems related to statutes governing the practice of medicine and other health professions. However, in 1954 Hubbard and his attorneys legally transformed the non-professional psychotherapy of dianetics into a religious enterprise called the Church of Scientology. Under the privileged status as a religion, there as no stopping the extraordinary expansion of Scientology. Despite a series of scandals and lawsuits, the bizarre little mental healing cult grew into a multi-million dollar, international enterprise, openly peddling its private brand of psychotherapy under the aegis of a religion — thus remaining immune from malpractice lawsuits (although not from suits for damages or fraud), statutes governing the healing arts, and health professional committees on ethics.

***End Quote

Now who has the conflict of interest here?

If Daniels knows about CHADD's finical sources then surly she knows why Scientology is any thing but irrelevant. Daniels seems to have an agenda of her own.

10-19-07, 12:45 PM
Given the all encompassing reach of Google there is actually no excuse for this type of gaffe.

This is a case of people promoting what they want to be the case and not digging and stone turning to uncover the links of organisations saying the type of things many want to be the truth. Many people find it difficult to accept that an organisation saying things they agree with has an agenda linked to Mr Hubbard.

This post is timely as I have just done the background research on an organisation my partner wished us donate money to......only to discover that things weren't quite as straightforward as her "friends" had made out. this is causing a certain amount of friction as these guys are exceptionally slippery and very very bright, ensuring that they use rules and misinformation to the max.

One of the advantages we Adders have is our tenacity in researching things we are hyperfocusing and the amount of time, energy and focus we can bring to a subject. The difficulty lies in communicating this to NT types who sit on school boards who want "hard evidence".

One of the things we can do is support legitimate science and research, only by engaging with the NT linear world in this way can we promote the concept of a round earth over the egotistical flat earth mentality of Mr Hubbard and his "squirrel" descendents.


10-19-07, 06:55 PM
One of the advantages we Adders have is our tenacity in researching things we are hyperfocusing and the amount of time, energy and focus we can bring to a subject.Excellent point.

Good for you KittenPoker.

10-19-07, 09:45 PM
They won't print my comment because I used a screen name versus my "real" name. Grrrrr. I'll have to change my name to Martha Stewart or some such nonsense.

10-20-07, 10:39 AM

(if this wasn't a censored forum that would've been a profanity-filled sentence)

There are 67+ comments posted. It seems like over half of them SUPPORT the flier. Plus there are the naysayers whining about how "the children are overmedicated!" Call the Whambulance, scphinters! Grrrr. They're probably threatened be the fact they're ADD also but can't face the truth.

I don't disagree about the over/miss-diagnosis of ADD/ADHD. But for us it took a lot of soul searching. We didn't just come to the conclusion, "Oh, Little KP has ADD. We must medicate him." I really didn't want to medicate him; I was afraid the meds would alter his personality. But when a 7 yr-old completely shuts down the 2nd week of 2nd grade because he's so overwhelmed and nothing can snap him out of it, it's time to take action.

Now, I have an acquaintance online who's tried to apply the ADHD label to her toddler. WTF? Given her drama queen history and the fact she has little to do with the child other than show it off as a fashion accessory (she has a live-in nanny), she'll find any excuse to use when the child it's acting text-book perfect.

End :soapbox:. Oh, one more....grrrrrrr!

10-22-07, 02:37 AM
I don't disagree about the over/miss-diagnosis of ADD/ADHD.

I do . . . . I think it is a load of crap myself seeing how many people are like my husband Gary who is the picture poster for ADHD male yet denies he has ADHD. OKay this guy is 50 and can out do people half his age, he claims he can not meditate because he can't sit still that long - can't plan his way out of a sack - Hello!!!!

and I naturally brought more than just my opinion.

Charges of Overdiagnsos, Overmedication of ADHD Are Exaggerated, Study Shows (

This post is timely as I have just done the background research on an organisation my partner wished us donate money to......only to discover that things weren't quite as straightforward as her "friends" had made out. this is causing a certain amount of friction as these guys are exceptionally slippery and very very bright, ensuring that they use rules and misinformation to the max.

They are masters of manipulation, I say two thumbs up Kilted!

Obtained from the following

Operation Clambake presents:Time article on Scientology (

CONSULTING. Sterling Management Systems, formed in 1983, has been ranked in recent years by Inc. magazine as one of America's fastest-growing private companies (estimated 1988 revenues: $20 mil- lion). Sterling regularly mails a free newsletter to more than 300,000 health-care professionals, mostly dentists, promising to increase their incomes dramatically. The firm offers seminars and courses that typically cost $10,000.

PUBLIC INFLUENCE. One front, the Way to Happiness Foundation, has distributed to children in thousands of the nation's public schools more than 3.5 million copies of a booklet Hubbard wrote on morality. The church calls the scheme "the largest dissemination project in Scientology history." Applied Scholastics is the name of still another front, which is attempting to install a Hubbard tutorial program in public schools, primarily those populated by minorities. The group also plans a 1,000 acre campus, where it will train educators to teach various Hubbard methods.

The disingenuously named Citizens Commission on Human Rights is a Scientology group at war with psychiatry, its primary competitor. The commission typically issues reports aimed at discrediting particular psychiatrists and the field in general. The CCHR is also behind an all-out war against Eli Lilly, the maker of Prozac, the nation's top-selling antidepression drug. Despite scant evidence, the group's members -- who call themselves "psychbusters" -- claim that Prozac drives people to murder or suicide. Through mass mailings, appearances on talk shows and heavy lobbying, CCHR has hurt drug sales and helped spark dozens of lawsuits against Lilly.

***End Quote

~bold and underlining added by me~

This underlined part show how they are seeking to eliminate our freedom to treat our condition with medications. It is fine if one chooses not to take medications but I sure in the hell don't want some wacko jobs taking that choice away from me and millions of others {thousands on this site alone} like me. How we treat our ADD is our choice and medication should remain among them.

The article mentions several other cover organizations.

For those who seek information about scientology ( clambake/ is an excellent resource this guy has done a mountain or work on this group of creeps. The story about how the guy came up with the name clam bake is worth a trip to the site.

Scientology and Scientologists on the World Wide Web (

Has an extensive list of Internet site run by CoS.

I am going to have to write an blog on this topic - blogging is one of the ways I keep all my sources on a topic in one place for easy access.

10-22-07, 02:49 AM
Cults most effectively recruit people when those people are in PAIN or dysfunctional.

Not getting the ADD treated means a person stays dysfunctional. Ergo, instant dependent members.


sick, isn't it?

10-22-07, 09:34 PM
Schools in my area are usually the first ones to push medication on children who have "issues" in school. Sending out a flier like that just aint right. That is totally biased and should be retracted.