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10-19-07, 04:39 PM
Well im a 17 year old, with adhd which was dropped on me in 7th grade, kicked out of high school sophmore year for having 0 credits i pretty much just gave up and socialized and slacked off, i was never good in school. they said i was above average in my IQ rating, and i know i am because my test scores were great but the homework i kind of just, meh. you know. ADHD sucks.

Well not using it as an excuse, but seriously it takes me a long time to get motivated for anything and a long time to make up any decision. im driving my mother crazy and my friends think im stupid sometimes because im usually quiet in large groups of unknown people. Also im pretty self concious about my weight. even though im 6 foot and 170 pounds. Maybe its because i weighed 230 pounds back in middle school, and just kind of stopped eating for a year. I dont even think i know how screwed up i am. i drink, smoke weed, take adderal usually 15 more mg's than needed, pretty much anything to get me high and not stay sober to avoid my boring mind. Relationships and meeting girls is tough, never really introduce myself unless they talk to me, im pretty shy. Through middle school i was the fat kid and never really talked to girls. Now when im "cute" they come up to me showing affection i kind of just act like a shy fool.

I think im depressed too. i try to sleep most of my day away usually. then wake up and take the addy's. From there i leave the house around 5pm or something and go hit up my friends where i proceed to get drunk or really high. Then go home and try to ignore my hungry stomach and go to sleep. Keep in mind i dont really eat..It's like a mind thing where it tells me if i eat im going to get fat again. i dont want that.

Idk. i think i have a problem. does anyone know any steps i can take to make myself feel better mentaly and physicaly?

Sorry for ranting :/

10-19-07, 04:54 PM
well for a 17 year old Id say you can express yourself and what ADD is doing to you very well

Recognition of the problem is the key to figuring out ADD and Id say you recognize the problem very well

Now you have to figure out how to deal with it

10-20-07, 10:52 AM
well i am 17 years old and with ADHD and people bullyed me because for having ADHD. I go to a spencial college. i hate having ADHD because people make fun out of you becuase i have ADHD. I have been finding it hard thought am life with ADHD.

Matt S.
10-20-07, 10:59 AM
I will welcome you again Hello...

10-21-07, 06:48 PM
welcome to ADDF, AlertedEmotion!

I think you should start at a psychiatrist. Depression is something that is so important that it's treated. It's probably a good idea to also see a nutritionist. It's so not safe to not eat. If you are fearful of gaining weight - then talk with a nutritionist and dietition to figure out the best way to eat.

Please seek the help of a psychiatrist.

10-22-07, 04:57 AM
Hey altered. School suck yes, and getting yourself motivated is hard. Me not wanting to preach, as I was there myself not too long ago. But weed decreases your motivation big time, eventually your never gonna want to do anything. Id stop that first if you really want change. It also screws up your diet.

As for alcohol. . . id rather say nothing. . . but yeah, you know it all.

For your raging busy mind, I got used to mine, was never on any stimulants and had to figure everything out myself. But I suppose my life is different to yours. I am now rather happy with my busy head, just wish I had a off switch so I could be more productive at work. Funny thing though, alcohol does not make me think less, just think stupid (often end up depressed if I drink with a bad crowd)

Hang on, things usually get worse before they get better. . . but they only get better if your prepared for change and ready to learn from your mistakes.

10-31-07, 02:35 PM

New to the boards. I am 22 now but had the same problem in high school.

I have ADHD and in my grade 12 year I became very bored and detatched. I ended up going back the next year and graduating with honors..not to mention the 66.6 days I missed ( no lie!) .

I wouldn't worry about it to much, high school is a joke and it's most likely the fact that you are not learning things you are interested in and it just isn't moving fast enough for you. Life goes on, don't let yourself fall into a groove..stick with it

04-27-08, 05:13 AM
Actually I was a big fan of mary jane for awhile, I guess it was just an easy way to self medicate away the pain. I started in junior high, hitting my peak near the end of ninth grade, but whenever I told myself that this would be the last drag, I don't know, I just couldn't do it. So I started telling myself that I would only do it on weekends, and now I hardly do it at all. Little steps, I'm telling you, its worth every one.