View Full Version : Anyone coughing and think it is related to their meds?

10-20-07, 03:46 PM
I had a cold a couple months back and I notoriously always have a cough for a couple weeks after I get over the cold. I've been taking Methylin since Feb of this year and think my cough is worse now than ever before. I've stayed off my meds for a day here and there to see if the cough gets better. It seems to. Is this in my head or is this more common than I think?

10-24-07, 02:15 AM
I'm glad you brought this up. I was about to post the same question. When did your cough start? I was taking Adderall for about a month when it started. Switched to Dextroamphetamine and still coughing. I thought I was sick, but I've been through an antibiotic and I appear to coughing just as bad - if not worse. I seriously do not know what to do?! I did some research and it seems as though this cough is a "tick" caused by amphetimine medication. Like you, I also tried going off for a few days to see what would happen. The cough cleared up but as soon as I started back up again, the cough returned. I am so worried. I don't know what I can possibly switch to. I am having a horrendous time tryng to find a med/dosage that works for me. High doses of Dextroamphetimine seem to work (30 mg two times per day. i just started the med though, so for all i know the effects will change) I tried to take less today (20 mg two times today.) didnt help at all. i couldnt focus. couldnt pay attention in class. made stupid mistakes. I'm gonna post about this in another thread, but lets get back to the coughing situation. Are there other med options???? I am terrified to let my doctor know about the cough because I am afraid I can kiss the only thing that works a little bit goodbye. But I cant go on coughing like this. The cough is distracting in itself!