View Full Version : Seroquel....Has it worked you?

Mister Crash
10-22-07, 11:16 AM
I was just put on this new med a week ago. I was quiet nervous as I had read firsthand reviews on this that were both negative and intimidating. More than one account had compared this med to Thorazine and other powerful AP's that seem to have a stigma as being "zombifying". I also read the statement, "It's a chemical lobotomy" a few times. I consulted my pdoc with my concerns and he assured me that at my intitial dose of 50 mg. this med does not act like this. So that night I took it before bed as instructed, got VERY drowsy and fell asleep. After a week of this I have come to the conclusion that Seroquel is not a chemical lobotomy. However I do notice that at night I am much less compelled to laugh at my daily Seinfeld episodes as normaly I'm in hysterics,(yes, even still, Seinfeld will never die). I've also noticed the next day that I cycle back and forth between hypomania and extreme depression several times a day. So I find myself wondering if this is just me getting used to the medication or if it's just not working for me. Does Seroquel take a few weeks to take effect like many SSRI's? Is this the case for all AP's? Just curious about this and also very interested in your experiances and/or oppinions on Seroquel. Thanks in advance.

Matt S.
10-22-07, 12:06 PM
I never noticed it to be too therapeutic for my flavor of bipolar disorder but it is good for sleep issues, in my opinion.

10-22-07, 01:36 PM
For me 50mg or more of seroquel and I"ll be very zombied out the next day, even after sleeping 10 hours. (unless Im hypo or manic, in which case I could take a few hundred and wake up normal the next day). 25mg tires me out a bit and my energy level is less than it should be but the effects don't ruin my day. The weird thing for me is after I take seroquel at night I become hungry and the food tastes better (especially liquids).

For me it is has short-term effects. The benefit for me is if I have racing thoughts I just gulp some down and it will fix that problem. It is very hard to get off of, I'll need sleeping pills or I won't get any sleep and I'll feel fevery and nausa for atleast a month. You should be sure that there aren't any sideffects taht you won't like after a few months cause it will be hard to stop. If there aren't you don't have much to worrya about.

10-22-07, 10:40 PM
I take 25mg of Seroquel for sleeping and it works like a charm. If you do end up taking it, take it at night becuase it will make you tired. Have you tired other meds like lamictal or Abilify. Abilify is a great med that works well for me and does not make me tired or seem like a zombie.

Mister Crash
10-22-07, 10:45 PM
i am taking itnow. i have been for the past week. the only reason i am reading this now is because i took it 30 minutes before bed and by the time i laid down, i was having a panic attack. or something like that. Before it would make me so drowsy i would pass out anywhere. tonight I can sleep at all. and paranoid. why i don't know but it seems this med is a bad idea. thanks for posting though

10-29-07, 10:51 PM
After not sleeping for the month of august this summer, (I tried 10 mg. Ambien- nothing), my psychiatrist prescribed me Seroquel. I started at 25 mg.- it worked for 2 days, then I had to increase to 50. I'm currently at 150 mg. and it doesn't even put a dent in my energy level. However, it occasionally helps with some of my restlessness and enables me to sleep a bit at night. It does help some with some of the racing thoughts, and with some of the sleep issues. I realize that everyone responds differently to meds, but I wake up more refreshed feeling each morning than I did before I took it. I also used to have headaches very frequently (for my entire life) and it has eliminated them completely. I suffer no side effects from it all (no sedation, no increased appetite or any of the other potentials listed on the label).