View Full Version : Desoxyn, is it available and the stigma attached.

The Dude
10-25-07, 12:34 AM
Recently Adderall has been giving me a great deal of anxiety as well as social withdrawl. It helps with my concentration, but the negatives are beginning to outweigh the positive effects. I have tried various forms of methylphenidate such as generic IR, as well as Concerta with disastrous consequences. I have also tried straterra, which caused numerous side effects, and did virtually nothing.
I have discussed this issue w/my pdoc who is fairly open and willing to suggestions, but when I suggested alternatives, he gave me very few options. I would like to try different options such as dexedrine, and possibly desoxyn, but my doc seems to know nothing about these meds. How do I enlighten him about these other viable alternatives? I simply think he doesn't have the knowledge about these substances. I hesitate to ask b/c I would rather be unmedicated however imperfectly rather than unmedicated. The thought of asking for Dex or Desoxyn would probably send my blood pressure through the roof when the Nurse checks it.
Like I said in the aformentioned paragraph, he is pretty open and liberal, but how would I approach this contentious subject.
My second question is: is desoxyn or dexedrine even available at most pharmacies? Sometimes I have trouble getting Adderall refilled b/c of the biases of pharmacists, I'm sure the problem would be amplified trying to get one of the other meds. Sorry for the rant, but are the above meds even available at most pharmacies?

Matt S.
10-25-07, 08:48 AM
Desoxyn is available, however the doctor will most likely do a dexedrine trial before taking that route. The pharmacy may order it.

11-09-07, 12:54 AM
So will a doctor possibly try desoxyn if dexedrine does not seem to be working? I'm just wondering because pretty much everything has been tried and my psychiatrist is now trying me on dexedrine. Just wondering if she will possibly go to desoxyn or maybe just tell me, "sorry about your luck, but nothing's working, you'll just have to deal with your adhd."

11-09-07, 12:58 AM
"sorry about your luck, but nothing's working, you'll just have to deal with your adhd."
When you hear that, it's time to switch doctors.

11-09-07, 01:19 AM
Yeah. I definitely would try to find a new doctor. Well maybe, I am kind of getting frustrated with this; I've been trying different things for like 4 years now. I thought this dexedrine was like the last medicine and it's not working. Just wondering if it was just maybe something doctors try to use before desoxyn. Kind of getting hopeful that maybe my doc will try that. I've heard a lot of good things about it on here from people who couldn't find anything that worked.