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10-25-07, 09:48 PM
So I am driving aroung in a 10 year old P.O.S. that has been ran into a telephone pole (by yours truly) and after driving this thing for over a year and being promised i will get a new car over and over again. well that time is here and now they are refusing saying i have to wait until graduation... i talked with my parents about getting a new car they said from the begining it was a graduation present but if a kept my grades up tehy might just get it for x-mas for me like my older brother (he got his for x-mas), well X-mas is coming around the cornrer and their making me wait until i actually graduate unlike my older brother who got one before christmas, is that fair? NO beacuse my lowest grade is like a 89 so i dont see the problem!! my brother went through two trucks before he got his F-150 and, im actually responsible enough to keep my first car in ok shape and i am the one who has to wait longer?!?! i just wanna go drive it off a bridge, then go strangle my parents for treating me so unfairly!!!!!

there excuss is that im only 17 and it would be impossible to have me as a co-signer on the lease, is this true? do you HAVE TO BE 18 to co-sign for a new car even though you have a big-*** house for collateral? they say they want me as a co-signer so my credit score will be good, (since there paying for it) im so mad right now i just wanna go drive my damned car off the bridge

10-26-07, 10:24 PM

your current car runs, right? I don't want to sound flip, so bear with me.

It definitely seems unfair that your parents have promised you this car and you haven't received it.

(short) lecture begins (hey . . at least i give you a warning!!):

However, please remember that you already have a (running) car. Many people aren't lucky to have their parents buy them a car in the first place.

My lecture is over!

As for the co-signer. . . . i'm not sure if you have to be 18 to co-sign. When I bought my first more expensive car (at 21) my parents co-signed because I didn't have any collateral. Unless the house is in your name - it's not your collateral . . it's your parents.


If I may be so bold . . .
perhaps it's not the car you're so upset about, but the way your parents are handling it. They keep promising and not following through. That must really hurt.
Just keep believing in yourself and working hard . . for yourself!!

10-26-07, 11:32 PM
You're complaing about your parents not buying you a car soon enough? You're lucky to have a car that works..let alone a nice new one for free.

How about getting a job and saving for a new car yourself if you need it so soon?

10-26-07, 11:39 PM
wow! You're lucky to have a vehicle.

My family never had a car or truck until I left home.

And your parents pay your insurance too?

I'd say you're really lucky.

10-27-07, 11:41 PM
well, I do know that I am a avery fortunate kid, most kids don't get some luxuries I have and alot of other kids get alot more luxuries I do, but the main reason I'm mad is because I am driving around in a grandama's car 97' LUMINA and both the passenger and driver side doors squeek when you open close them and the cqar looks like it grining at you because i ran it into a pole its the last car in teh world someone would want to drive there senior year in high school

but yes i am mostly upset because my brothers have more luxuries/privelages than me i never ocnencted with my dad growing up and he just lets me do as a i please as long as i dont break what few rules he has in place but when he treats me unfairly all hell is gonna break loose and i guess most if not all of the post above was me jsut ranting after getting into an argument with my dad ( it ended with me callign him the worst father ever or soemthing like that) and after looking back it really sucks driving this when all of my oher friends drive BMW's or Nissans' or when my brothers are driving an f-150 and a mustang and im stuck with a granma's car (yeah i had someone say this car looks like my grandma's car and there was an ad in the paper for a 97' lumina for sale the title said (in bold) GRANDMAS CAR 97 lumina)

i hate it, but yes its a car

10-28-07, 12:07 AM
sometimes you just gotta rant . . i understand that :)

are you the baby of the family?

My dad and i don't really connect, either. When I was growing up all he did was work (i understand why - because he had 3 kids to pay for and a wife). It was hard because the only time he really talked w/ me what when I was in trouble, and then he yelled.

It's better now that I'm older (29), but it still sticks in my head.

11-01-07, 11:04 PM
yeah i am the youngest

11-02-07, 11:24 PM
maybe you could make a comprimise, instead of a brand new car what about a slightly better car just untill you graduate. One that isnt brand new and worth a lot of money but isn't a grandma car?

I'm only 19 and i'm already in $6000 debt cause of my car, which i am paying off myself. Everyone i know has bought their own car too! Perhaps its different in australia?
I dont even really know what final year is lol, is that like yr 12 here? The year before uni/college?

I know that you are going to hate this and i have no idea what you or your parents are like but i suggest apologising (to get in their good books) explaining your situation and proposing a compromise rather then just getting mad cause they wont do what you want.

good luck...!

11-02-07, 11:34 PM
JustNeedHelp, did you run into the pole before or after they made that "promise" to you? As the mom of a teen, I look at behavior for more privileges to be given. As Coutney said, I don't mean to sound flip either, but as a parent, we assess a lot of things before handouts. I plan on having my son pay for his own insurance. We won't be able to purchase a vehicle of his own for him, but he will be able to drive one of ours, he will need to keep his grades good enough to keep the good student discount, he will need to help with paying for upkeep too, if he stays clean and honest and responsible with it. I have made that promise to him. I suppose he could missunderstand the whole idea of it if he didn't meet up to his end of the bargain.

I hope it all works out okay though. It's got to be rough seeing yourself being treated differently than your older siblings. Best of luck!

11-07-07, 11:51 PM
yeah, i have decided to just stick it out and he said he got my brother the car a month or two before his 18th birthday so i figured im a june baby thats not but 6 months away, and i do need a laptop for college so i will just ask for some money to save up for a macbook or something

11-08-07, 01:26 AM
good for you, JustNeedHelp!

I have an older sister, while my parents have always been "fair" to us, it's still hard.

Macs rule! :D

12-06-07, 04:58 PM
Brothers take the biscuit! I always used to get the blame for things but now its cool coz hes 11 and he gets the blame to :)
My mums buying me my first car whats so bad about your mam paying for your car?
Getting a VW Golf the new shape :)

12-06-07, 05:25 PM
hey kid at least you have a car i dont have a licence andm y sister had a old olds mobile to from parents she had to buy her own be thankful

03-08-08, 01:08 AM

There are things you can do to jazz up your car, even an old school car can look kind of okay. What colour is it? I recommend car seat covers, knick knacks (eg. I am a surfer so hawaiin leis, shell necklace hanging from the rear view etc.

What about a new coat of paint?

11-10-08, 07:26 PM
You'll prob get it for xmas man... they know what you want, think of how much better it would be if they surprised you with it. i got mine as a suprise for xmas when i was 15 and it wouldnt have been near as exciting if they told me all the details before. Just not get mad and get an attitude with them for tellin u to wait for graduation, when they could always still get it for u for xmas, just not TELL you about it.

11-10-08, 11:59 PM
My parents never got me a car I just used theirs for a bit. Be happy that they got you A car that runs, don't let the fraternal jealousy ensue.

11-11-08, 12:56 AM
I had to get a job and buy my first car (paid cash outright). After I got the car, I had to get my license, as I didn't have access to a car prior to learn in.