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10-26-07, 01:53 AM
I talked about coming up with a quote with respect to my goals in life and I took sometime to think about it and here it is:

My Chief Personal Aim In Life:

"To help spread the awareness of ADD ADHD through-out the world by writing controversial and prolific Weblogs and Books. I will be read and heard by billions of people. When asked to speak in any forum my words will be as I have committed to write them. In the same manner I will strive to help others realize that ADD ADHD can be a gift and can be used to help one’s self and mankind. I will be honest and forthright. I will be a motivator and inspiring voice to all who listen and infect others with hope and desire and thought. I will be a loving husband, brother, son and friend. I may not always be agreed with; however, my words will always inspire conversation and inquiry. I am Bryan L. Hutchinson, I am an ADDer, and my voice carries through-out the world."

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