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10-27-07, 11:48 PM
How many people are DREADING college, I am the worst procrastinator and with colelge right around the corner i dont know what to do i yet to do anythign to prepare is there someone you can pay or somethign to buy taht tells you what to do when to do it i just need someone to call me or tell me hey i set you up to go take the ACT tomorrow be there and take it and i say ok thanks bye

anybody else feel this way?

10-27-07, 11:51 PM
no, but I can see you are frustrated...good luck..I'm sure you'll do great...

10-28-07, 01:28 AM

your school should be able to give you guidelines on when to do everything. Check in with your school counselor to determine when it is best to take the ACT and fill out and send in college applications.

It's a pain, but totally worth it.

10-28-07, 09:41 PM
I dont know what ACT is...maybe this is because I live in England?

Whatever it is,

I too am a major procrastinator. I procrastinate to unbelievable extents and am consequently messing up...

If you feel you're going to enlist help in some way shape or form through college, get it. And get it before the going gets tough. Otherwise you'll end up in some sick and twisted black downwards spiral. Comme moi.

My school/college gives everyone what is called a 'Homework planner'. It used to work relatively well for me; its basically a small hardback ringbound book, with ample space for each day to write what homework you have, and what subject it is for, and the date for which it is due (its all in easy designated columns). If your college dont provide you with one of those, it might be worth getting a notepad yourself and setting one out.

And have you considered a PDA? I know they're not exactly the cheapest things in the world, but it might be worth purchasing one if you think it will genuinely be useful. I'm asking for one for Christmas :) but I doubt I will get one.

Try your hardest to stay on top of whatever homework you're set (HA bit rich coming from me). That's an impossible task most of the time...but try your hardest from the offset (I did...but it all sort of fell apart...)

I'd describe what college is doing to me...but that would be mean and potentially even more offputting. But if you want to talk about college or just chat, feel free to throw me a message :)

And what is an ACT?


10-29-07, 11:27 PM
the act is a college test that students take, similar to the s.a.t. its an aptitute test, but its really just long and annoying! hehe.. College is amazing, but its a ton of work and I totally messed up last semester... do you have a good support system? parents or school guidance/ld people? You can do it! Ask for help