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11-04-07, 12:58 AM
If not, just delete my post =P
Also, sorry for language.

My rant is about school, as are most rants of everyone in high school -> college range.

I can't figure out what the hell is wrong with my teachers. Not all of them, some of them are all right, but a decent portion of them are totally ****in' insane.
I'll just go down the list

Art - This teacher is systematically ruining art as a topic. We do bookwork. She reads out of the Tao te Chang, loudly and obnoxiously, mispronouncing words, and ruining the poetry of it. Also, she stole the idea of reading it from a kid in our class. She got the idea because if you're late to class, you have to make up and perform a skit. Yes, if you're late to ART class, you have to do something stupid/embarassing/ridiculous for the entire class, and a friend of mine read a bit of the Tao, and she stole the idea from him. Also, she tries to make our class stretch, because she thinks we're tired. Really? We're tired at 8 in the ****ing morning? I get five hours of sleep a night on average, I'll be tired if I damn well please.

English - This teacher is just a ****in' psychopath. Within the first week of me being in her class, she told me that she used to be a gogo dancer. Not in like... a seducing sort of way, but in the way that its just put into conversation in a creepy manor. Also, she's probably about 40-50ish, and have very obvious fake tits. She's also pretty ****in' ugly. and married. But thats not what makes her a psychopath. She blatantly and loudly screams at our class (which is full of idiots, for the most part) about most things. Screaming at stupid little stoner kids for laughing when a dark room is described as "dank" is fine, I don't care about that. But heres what gets me. So we read The Raven, by Edgar Allen Poe. Poe is like.. one of my favorite authors, and I love his work. So first we read it, which was good, because its nice to refresh your memory on stories like that. Then, this stupid ***** decides that it's a good idea for us to watch Homer Simpson perform the Raven. Why? Because she can't teach, and can only throw busywork at us. So I'm obviously VERY uninterested in seeing such an otherwise great poem ruined by a cartoon character, so I stop paying attention. That's when she starts screaming at me and telling me how I do nothing but sit around and talk in her class, even though I'm one of the top 5 grades in the class.
Thats just one of a million examples too.

Skills for Students who are Gifted (Gifted Studies, class full of people with IQ over 130. Taught by the greatest person on the planet, no complaints).

Physics - Teacher is good in here, although I have trouble keeping up with the rest of the class.

Marine Biology - Teacher is a really nice person, but she doesnt really understand what I'm going through at all. Because her marine bio class is rumored to be a "slack" class, she's got a bunch of stupid stoner seniors who took it to do nothing, so then they cheat on all the work. This leads her to have a "zero on all late work, no exceptions" policy. This is murder for me, because I never hear her collect the work, despite trying to pay attention, so I've gotten 2-3 zeros on assignments I ACTUALLY DID, when the idiots surrounding me that copied it from somebody else get credit because they heard her collect.

Science Research - Class about preparing projects for science fair. Pass or fail, A or F, depending on whether or not I get my project done before Fair begins. Needless to say, I'm behind. Teachers are nice, but not perfect.

Precalc - She tries to get it, and she's talked to my mother multiple times about it. This class is at the end of the day, so i've got all my "yay, I get to go home and be not miserable for a bit" energy, and none of it's directed towards math. Managed to pull my grade up from an F to an A, but it's gonna go back to a B or a C within a few days, I can feel it.

Anyone have any comments, rants about their teachers, etc to share? I'm always in a listening mood.

11-04-07, 01:08 AM
Is there anything good about your classes or teachers?

11-04-07, 01:42 AM
A few of my classes are fun, and as I said, my gifted studies teacher is great. Also, I manage to bail on about a third of every physics class to go hang out with my friends who are at lunch.

11-04-07, 02:47 AM
The only thing I can recommend is going to your Gifted studies teacher and see if (s)he can try to your marine biology teacher or any other teacher where the problems are mainly related to AD(H)D. Or even better: if you have a mentor system like we have you could ask him/her to talk to those teachers or at least be there when you talk with them.

Other then that all I can say is hang on, everything ends at some point.

11-04-07, 02:59 AM
my school doesn't the mentor system you're referring to, but either way, it's not too big of a deal. I wasn't really coming here looking for a real major solution, but moreso to blow off some steam from the week.

11-04-07, 01:24 PM
rant away, finallyme! :D

Matt S.
11-04-07, 01:26 PM
finallyme you are among kindred ranters, let the rage flow, brother

11-05-07, 10:17 AM
Treasure your time there..especially with the gogo dancer...because sooner or later it's all over!

12-14-07, 07:02 PM
since we are on the ranting subject mind if I add on ???

I am in tenth grade it is fun i guess but it is soo ughhh. I like school I truely try to enjoy it as much as i can (acadamics and after school stuff) ok i will start from the begining (warning horrible speller you are warned)

bio- fun class in class sopport teacher is so much fun ! the class sometimes is boring and I am not sure if i really get what is going although I am usually late but that is a diffrent story to rant about my doctor.
2 reasouce-great in like every way most of the time it is like "home base"
3usI ugh lol i love history but I really wish i was in honors they go so slow and the in class soppourt teacher talks to me like i am a idoit or something but he means well (happy rant so far no? )
4 spanish II AHHHH I want to learn the languich and the teacher is very very very helpful with the add in modifications and understaning and such but i feel like such a idoit in her class because she makes us participate and sometimes i do not really understand what is going on untill later or if she calls on me i get paniced horrible on somedays
6drivers ed blah blah blah let me drive lol
theatre workshop cant complain
7math geometry HATE IT SO MUCH I also have a LD and image perseption issue or something along thoses lines oh gosh i cannot stand this class so ontop of fact that i get stressed out about the actual class and what we are doing in there she is a new teacher so the kids in the class are totall jerks sometimes to her and a real pain to me when they are talkling so much ics teacher really great
english II ugh I dont mean to be a jerk because there are other ld kids in their and english is one of my best subjects (not to brag) it get annoyying sometimes when it take ten 15 min to have to go over a topic and the over it again A lot of my friends are in honors and they are always talking about how they have these debats and thing like that over books that they are reading and i will never be able to that because i do not want to be the only ld kid with a iep with modifications in effect for english.(back to topic) the in class sopport teacher really bothers me sometimes like in the start of the year we had to do ten sentaces with vocab and she looks at it and goes ohh very nice did you do that all by yourself? Or anothertime we had to do a writing thing seven par well mine was about 4 pages lol (2x spaced) and when my mother and i went to convernces she was like oh who helps you with your writing and i was like my father blah blah blah and she was like ok for now on then i want you to come to me with each page that you do so that i can cheeck it.SHE was accussing me of having someone eles write my paper for me.OH and another time (i get a modified vocab list so instead of 20 words i get 15 and since i do not have to focus on those extra 5 i do very well) She wanted me to try just to see how i would do with out using my modifications for the test.And on the tests now (more like quizes weekly) when there are ?? that have mulitple choses on the with all the words that were mod i do not answer them becuase i do not know them and she hands it back and writes why didnt you try.Ugh lol ok one last story no two (not so happy ranting ) so a week or two ago she was reading over my notes.And she goes you need to make your D's clearer they look like upside down ?? like when you write in spanish and iwas like but we are not in spanish we are in english and i am taking notes for my benifite not for your croteak (in my mind didnt say outloud) ok last story our teacher usually has do nows to do and so i am usaully done with it and then go on to the next thing that he has on the board or start copying notes that he put up what ever.So she comes to me on a couple of times while we are taking notes to read my do nows that they collect in a few weeks any ways.And then I miss the notes that he is doing because she is croteaking my do nows ugh lol but i think the main teacher talked to her or something because in the past week or two she has been really claim lately

12-14-07, 07:08 PM
just to add lol sorry
I hate it when teachers see that I have a IEP they automatically assume that I am dumb or something like shouldnt they bet setting the bar high for us to rise to ?
It is incredibly sad that they are surprized by some of our intellagance levels and they are special education teacher.Shouldnt they know better ! out of all people they are the ones that we need the most to belive that we can work at a "normal" level with "normal" kids that we should be encourged to take a challange of a course not put down for trying (last year they were trying very hard to put me into core level geo.I refuesed I am getting a c in the class now but i am in college prep) that is my lowest grade .

01-22-08, 05:13 PM
what did I kill the ranting mood ? lol ?????