View Full Version : Keepin' it real...

Jesse 7.0
11-06-07, 03:40 PM
You want ghetto? Do you REALLY want ghetto?

Trust me you don't.

You watch too much television and have NO idea of what the ghetto or gangster is REALLY about.

You Philistine.

I was homeless in The Tenderloin. The part of San Francisco they never tell you about. It is the ghetto of San Francisco and is quite dangerous.

I know the ghetto. I know gangster.

The ghetto is NOT about being rich, fabulous, and getting the girl... it is more like...
selling your food stamps to buy drugs.
Have you ever seen someone actually use heroine? It's like looking at black death in a needle. A once beautiful girl 20 feet from a shelter with scratches all over her and a pockmarked face.

Selling drugs is about... getting by and not making it, in the ghetto.

I had a friend who accidentally kicked an MP3 played while walking down the street...there were some guys selling stuff on the street... and he was punched for that by a man twice his size. Why didn't we fight back you might ask? Do you really want the Jamaican gangs after you? They don't fight individually. They come after you in droves.

Have you ever had to stand in front of a friend because a Korean gang member pulled out a pair of scissors to cut him? I have. It was at a shelter I stayed in... fortunately for me he was alone and six foot plus tall people intimidated him.

Have you ever felt guilty for having friends? I have. I had some people who helped me out of there by getting me a place to stay in Oklahoma. Why the guilt you might say? I looked back at all the friends I had and realised they weren't going to make it out of there. Some of them may still be there.

I volunteered at TARC (The Tenderloin Aids Resource Center). One day off I had they had a guy running in, bleeding all over the place, from being stabbed in the stomach.

I saw a bunch of emergency vehicles outside, about fifty feet from my shelter and wondered what was going on. I find out a man was fatally shot there.

These are just a few of the experiences I had, while I was there.

You don't know gangster. You don't know thug. To really be hard you have to keep your mouth shut and not get in anyone's face...

that is...

if you want to live.

See a person really talk about the hood... without using one profanity.