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11-08-07, 01:18 AM
Does this drug cause slowed bloodflow to the brain like other ADD meds do? I've heard that it has less effect on heartrate than other stimulants, which are more known for causing vasoconstriction.

Also, I heard that it activates certain parts of the brain but may slow down other parts of the brain. What are the parts that it slows down?

11-08-07, 02:37 AM
Can't speak to Desoxyn specifically.

Just to all the regularly used stimulants for boosting DA in ADD/ADHDers.

(Don't think they allow Desoxyn in Canada.)


I have read that stimulants reduce rCBF ('regional cerebral blood flow') to the brain, yup. This includes the Frontal Lobe (PFC, etc) that you are concerned about.

Makes sense, doesn't it? It is a Vasoconstrictor!

(It's not as potent as some drugs, in this sense, though. Say, stuff used in the ER for Traumas coming in that threaten to ex-sanguinate (fully bleed out all their blood).
And it's not like putting a pair of MAST pants around your neck and inflating. LOL)

[Historical Sidebar regarding a scary and dangerous "vasoconstricing drug"]

Some drugs like Ergotamine is way stronger for reducing blood flow.

Historically, Ergot (a hard to detect fungus) has been known to cause deaths, the need for amputations (from disseminating intermittent coagulations [DICs]; ischemia/necrosis) and sensory and visual hallucinations, etc.. (e.g. St. Anthony's Fire makes people feel like their skin is "on fire", iirc.)

Some people think that outbreaks of Ergotism partly explains the witchburnings, mass hysterias (pogroms) in Europe. Stores of grain (rye) developed fungus (the ergot; it's hard to keep grain dry and safe for many months at a time) and the people went crazy.)

I can't say any big bad things happen when stimulants reduce rCBF to the brain.

Think about it: METH users take 200x what we take as (patients). You don't see them getting their limbs, etc amputated regularly, or things that suggest REALLY Frikkin compromised blood flow.

Also, the brain is the MAIN TARGET ORGAN for blood flow. IN Shock, the body will slow blood to the lungs, kidneys, liver, etc. and even heart. The brain is ALways priority, so we don't die. (no brain means no breathing centre means death is imminent. GOTTA have a brainstem.)

OTOH, stimulants increase dopamine's activity in the part of the brain that ADD/ADHD affects.

Dopamine is what seems to most affect ADHD/ADD, not rCBF.

11-08-07, 09:14 PM
Dopamine seems to be the main thing that is talked about in relation to ADD (along with 2 other nuerotransmitters such as Neuropenipherin and Serotonin).

However, I'm thinking that rCBF does hold a very big deal of significance regarding side effects obtained from stimulant medication (feeling like a zombie, feeling flat, less spontaneous, ect.). If anyone knows anything about this in regards to rCBF in amphetamines vs. methylphenidates. Also, I would like some cRBF info. specifically in regards to Desoxyn. Any help on this would be very much appreciated.

11-08-07, 09:24 PM
The only thing I know about Dextromethamphetamine HCl in regards to the brain is that it penetrates the blood-brain barrier like a hot knife slicing through butter where as Dextroamphetamine / Levoamphetamine penetrates it like trying to shove a 400lb woman through your typical door frame. Hope that helps :D lol.

Oh yeah Desoxyn has a greater impact on Serotonin than that of Adderall/Vyvanse/Dexedrine

11-08-07, 09:29 PM
Good comparison.

I wonder if Desoxyn's ease in crossing the blood-brain barrier might mean that it lowers the regional cerebral blood flow (rcbf) less? (or more?)