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Jesse 7.0
11-15-07, 07:17 PM
This is going to be a fictional tale set in the future as opposed to my other story which is my biography.

Jesse 7.0
11-15-07, 07:34 PM
"I wake up soaked in sweat sometimes."
"I know what you mean, Jeremy, they don't give us much choice."
The autodiner was farely slow on that rainy day. Outside, they grey mist was adding an extra gloom... to an already gloomy situation. Two people were sitting at the table, a male with red hair and a woman with short cropped black hair.
"Oh Julia, remember a time when we didn't have to wonder what the truth was?" said Jeremy under his breath.
"Was there ever such a time?" Julia said leaning in. "I have seen them wandering the streets...The Corporation I mean. Their vans have those d@mned tinted windows."
"It's like they want us to know a little bit, but nothing more. They're planning something."
A man walks in, bent over from being wet from the rain and shakes a little bit. Water droplets hit the tile floor, barely making a sound. He walks over to the the food distribution and puts his change inside the machine. A glass door opens and he gets his pie.
"Do you really think so?" said Julie, her voice tinged with worry.
"It's blindness to think that they are not."
"I have been watching my Compuvision and talking to people online. There are others. Others who want to bring them to their knees."
"I have been wanting to throw a f&%$ing stick in their wheel for a long time." Jeremy said with vitriol.
"We may soon have our chance.", said Julia as she passed a piece of paper across the table.
"What's this."
"Nothing." said Julia matter of factly,"Nothing at all."

Jesse 7.0
11-17-07, 03:41 PM
Jeremy reaches for the paper and slides it into his pocket.
"I suppose I should not read what is on this paper?"
"It wouldn't be prudent." says Julia, a slight smile forming at the corner of her lips.
Jeremy plays with the paper nervously in his pocket. He notices an older couple at another table enjoying their packaged sandwiches and acting as if they don't have a care in the world.
"That would be nice..." Jeremy trails off.
"What would be nice?" asks Julia.
"Oh... nothing." said Jeremy with distance in his voice, "Listen, I have to go back to work."
"Yeah... I know." says Julia sadly,"We must keep up appearances and all of that."
"I'll see you tomorrow?" He says as he puts on his overcoat.
"I should be here.", says Julia "Unless I have overstock."
"Okay. Tomorrow then."
Julia puts on her rain jacket, as well, and they both leave the autodiner as if they have the world on their shoulders.