View Full Version : normal with strattera?

11-19-07, 09:45 AM
Doc gave me strattera to try because Concerta didn't seem to help. I have to get a new doc but that another story.

I took the concerta friday morning so I waited till Sunday to take the Strattera, I was instructed to take it at night so I did. Around 9:00pm becasue that's when I normally go to sleep. After a little while I felt tired and little dizzy. I was thinking ok, this is fine I feel sleepy it will help me sleep...WRONG!:mad:

I feel tired but I can't sleep. My heart is racing and I have not slept at all, last time I was asleep was at 10:00am yesterday now it's almost 6:00am, close to 24 hours.

I put in ear plugs to help me sleep, so to cut out any distractioning noises my hubby makes...didn't help. The concerta never did this to me. This sucks.

So I culd call the doc but i'm sure he will tell me to continue taking them, or only give me the option of anti-depressents, which don't work.
If you are wondering how I got the Concerta it was from another doc, my insurance won't pay for him and since I got married I don't qualify for low income sliding scale. I feel stuck.:(