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11-19-07, 06:57 PM
Hi, I am new here and have found out that I have Bipolar II and ADD. I'm looking for some support and help.

11-19-07, 07:36 PM
Welcome to ADDF Cycling Team, Moving4wrd. :) We are a tight group over here in our little spot on the forum. Say anything at all, whine, gripe, whatever.

If you post to us...we will come. ;)

I also have ADHD and BPII, but we have all types here in BiPo.

What medications have you started on?

11-19-07, 07:38 PM
Thank you for the welcome.
I am not taking any medications at the moment. I have just moved to Australia. I can't afford medication. I have a young son.

11-19-07, 07:41 PM
Oh yes :( I just checked your profile now. I have come to realize that y'all have a fairly awful medical system for such disorders as this where you are. I know several people that go unmedicated for BP and it's so sad!

Any plans for the future with that? Doc say anything about it? Any social plans to assist you?

11-19-07, 07:44 PM
I just moved here two weeks ago. I was diagnosed back home in New Zealand. My top importance is surviving at this point. I want to learn ways to cope so my son doesn't have to suffer. What do you mean by social plans?

11-19-07, 07:56 PM
Well some type of system that would be able to assist in some way. Some place to apply to for aid? Make sense?

There are some skills for you, yes. Try keeping a mood journal to chart your cycles. Read all you can here and on the internet, about your type of ADHD and BPII. Keep coming here and talking to the Team. It's a shame, but the forum was down for many hours and some of us don't seem to know it's back up again. I know you will get more replies soon! Justhope is very good with non-medical advice and Mspen1018 can recommend excellent books. The rest of the fellas are tremendously supportive!

Me? Well, I am here :) and sometimes that's just what you may need to get by. I am unshockable, but then again I think all of us are. ;)

11-19-07, 08:02 PM
I don't really know my way around yet. I have been down to the embassy and have managed to find a job as a caregiver. I haven't started yet. What does unshockable mean?
Um yeah I am really down at the moment. My son is screaming and I am getting frustrated.

11-19-07, 08:07 PM
Unshockable means that no matter what you tell us, we will not be shocked (as long as it is not in violation of the guidelines ;) but even then I doubt we would be SHOCKED). We really lay it out for each other here. That's why we dubbed ourselves the Cycling Team. :)

Screaming children always made me agitated and in spite of excellent meds and best-hoped-for stability, it can still make me agitated. Agitation my become a precursor to hypomania for many of us. It is for me, anyway.

Any signs of that or are you too deep into the depressive cycle right now? Are you prone to mixed episodes at all?

11-19-07, 08:09 PM
I don't really know the erms for everything. What is hypomania and mixed episodes. I am definitely depressed. My son keeps me going though. I go through phases were I seriously think about killing myself and then phases where I just want to throw a party. Everything feels great. I don't get it. I don't want my son to have to go through this. He has already been through so much in his young life.

11-19-07, 08:27 PM
Bipolar IIs cycle between two extreme moods, depression and hypomania, sometimes with stable periods in between. That is why I recommended the mood diary.

The part of the cycle when you want to throw the party is the hypomania. Another feature of hypomania can be tremendous irritability. A mixed episode will have features of both depression and hypomania.

We all exhibit different patterns to our mood cycles. Some of us are rapid-cyclers, sometimes experiencing several cycles per day. Others of us will spend ages dealing with on and off depression before experiencing hypomania, for some of us the reverse is true.

BP tends to manifest differently in men and women, but not always. Men tend to spend more time in hypomania/mania, and women tend to experience more depressive cycles, generally speaking.

BP is also a progressive illness. I notice that you are relatively young :) and as bad as it may seem to you now? That's encouraging!

11-19-07, 08:30 PM
Thank you for the help and info.
There is so much to learn about it. I apologise beforehand for any foul moods i get in.

11-19-07, 08:40 PM
:D Around here? We all do that. Have a look through some of the posts here in this same section.

Apology duly noted and that's very polite, but really...I meant it when I said we were not easily shocked. Some of the stories in here will really raise some people's hair!

It's all part of the process for us. ;)

11-19-07, 08:41 PM
Arn't some bipolar meds on the PBS? should be only $5 a script or so

11-19-07, 08:42 PM
Okay that gives me relief. I was getting worried that I would offend everyone.

11-19-07, 08:42 PM
Chris, what is the PBS? Is it something I might want to keep filed in our resources?

11-19-07, 08:44 PM
Okay that gives me relief. I was getting worried that I would offend everyone.:D Just don't be surprised if the rest of us have crappy days too. We accept each other for what we are, and have no illusions that these moods will happen for us all our lives.

11-19-07, 08:44 PM
im not an australian resident tho. I am a NZer but we dont need residency to live in Australia does that entitle us to health benefits or perks in Aus?

11-19-07, 08:58 PM
Hello and welcome.

There is nothing to be ashamed of. We are all living with this condition and at times it makes things seem downright miserable. The most important thing to remember is you are not alone. Often people like us tend to isolate and coming to a place like this, even a virtual one, helps us remember that we are connected. I hope you can find out more information about getting meds where you are. Who diagnosed you and what meds did they suggest?

Once agian welcome.

11-19-07, 09:08 PM
Thanks for the welcome. I got diagnosed about a month ago back in New Zealand. I am originally from there. Ive been in Aus for 2 weeks. I went to the doctor because I was depressed and on the verge of killing myself. I had to go for my son. The doctor was concerned and sent me to a specialist. The doctor was a kind man. After I told him my life story and money problems he paid for me to go see the specialist. I was diagnosed with both ADHD and Bipolar. He was concerned that my upbringing might have somehow affected me as well. I moved to Australia to get away from my ex-boyfriend who was threatening both me and my son. It wasnt his son but another ex who is in prison.

11-19-07, 09:17 PM
A lifestyle change is important to the condition, as are the meds. Healing is difficult without a balanced approach. I hope as you start to heal that you are able to mke the necessary changes for you and your son.

11-19-07, 09:32 PM
me to. my son means everything. how can u love someone so much.
how do you put up photos on your profile. i want to put one of him up.

11-19-07, 09:37 PM
i worked it out he is in my profile. Oh i love him. Phoenix Bailey-James (last name i won't add)

11-19-07, 09:39 PM
i worked it out he is in my profile. Oh i love him. Phoenix Bailey-James (last name i won't add)That's a beautiful name, Mere. :) I have 4 daughters myself.

11-19-07, 09:42 PM
Thats alot of girls :) . yeah i love the name. My boyfriend hated it. My name is pronounced kind of like Medey. Not mere in the english way.

11-19-07, 10:06 PM
im not an australian resident tho. I am a NZer but we dont need residency to live in Australia does that entitle us to health benefits or perks in Aus?I'm pretty sure NZers are entitled to the PBS which makes meds much much cheaper.

Have a look here:

Crazyfeet: PBS is the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme, the government pays for most of the important meds and you end up paying around $5 for most scripts. :)

11-19-07, 10:10 PM
Overseas visitors from countries with which Australia has a Reciprocal Health Care Agreement ( (RHCA) are also eligible to access the Scheme. Australia currently has RHCAs with: Italy, New Zealand, the Republic of Ireland, Finland, Malta, the Netherlands, Sweden, Norway and the United Kingdom.

Residents of these countries must show their passports when lodging a prescription to prove their eligibility or they can contact Medicare and get a Reciprocal Health Care Agreement Card to prove their eligibility. Some overseas visitors may not be eligible for this card.

I got that from the website. Thanks.

11-19-07, 10:14 PM
YATTA!!! That sounds really hopeful, thanks Chris!

11-19-07, 10:22 PM
i think that New Zealanders qualify for alot of benefits in aus as well. Is that right? I'm looking into at the moment. We need a bit more money to live on.

11-19-07, 10:30 PM
You might try messaging Ozchris himself about that. :) He's a very nice man.

Matt S.
11-20-07, 10:09 AM
Welcome to the Cycling team