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12-03-07, 02:01 AM
I am trying to do a webpage. I have NO idea :faint: about least I can now get it up in space..
I have done a page (basic) in photoshop....sliced, diced, and saved as html & images...I can see the individual pages in the browser..but HOW on earth do I combine them together??

any advice appreciated..oh, and if I try DW3, and add image, they come up as a box with a red cross in them on the WWW but in my browser I can see the pics ok :eek: :faint:
ahhh....pulling hair out...:D

Draga....I should have taken your advice, when you offered to help me(thanks heaps for that BTW) .. ..LOL..but I'm happily *learning* here..frustrating as it is...:p ...

12-31-07, 02:44 PM
Didnt see a reply to this question, so here is the answer:
When you "slice the image in photoshop CS, the next step is "save for web". That takes you to the ImageReady window. where you can make adjustments in the file size. You will save the "opitimized files" here.
In the next window, change the file name to the name of the page you would like to ultimately see in Dreamweaver, such as index.html.
And from the next pulldown: "save as type:". Choose: HTML and images (*.html). Make sure you are saving to the directory that you will be accessing in Dreamweaver.
Now hit Save, and an .html page plus all of the sliced images will be created.
When you go to Dreamweaver, and open that directory from within the files window in Dreamweaver, you will see the newly created .html file, plus a folder named images.
Just open the .html file (from within Dreamweaver's File winidow), and as it opens, it will pull all of the sliced images into the .html page, and snap them together perfectly for you.
If it is exactly as you planned it to look, you can just publish it. If it still needs some work, such as adding text, you can do that in Dreamweaver, preview it, and then publish it.That's as simple as I can put it. If you need more help, try the Dreamweaver and/or Photoshop help files. Good luck with it!

BTW... I've used this routine with nearly every website I've created. You can see them at:

01-21-08, 12:43 AM
Thanks a lot.. :-)
I checked your pages..nice :-)
I actually ended up writing a basic html one, and it's also a "work in progress" LOL
I have come back here to see if I can find some help with dropdown menus! I can make the menu, but I can't figure out how to link the options to an outside page..

01-21-08, 09:51 AM
I confess, I am such a wysiwyg web designer, that I am no help when it comes to working within .html code. In my "world", to create pulldown menus, I use xara. It's a very cool little app that does a few things very well. Once installed, while in Dreamweaver, go to "insert" on your main menu, and at the bottom you will see "xara". Choose it, and you will see the xara window. You just start at the top left and go thru the xara menu, choosing the theme, colors, fonts, sizes, etc, and at the bottom of that list, you will type in your menu names, and corresponding page links. You make the drop-downs at this point also. You can preview your work, and finally, save your work. You are then back in the Dreamweaver page you just left, except now your page has a full featured java-script menu.

Xara (, has a free trial version, and I think it retails on-line for like $49.

01-21-08, 11:48 AM
thanks :-)
I'll check it out tomorrow