View Full Version : Favorite High-tech/expensive ADD toys?

12-04-07, 02:14 AM
Just thought I'd make this thread to offset the low-tech one. :)

For me:

iPod - dunno what I'd do without it. :) So useful for blocking noise.

My laptop - My MacBook holds pretty much my entire life. It is so great for killing time.

12-11-08, 04:25 PM
Samsung Blackjack II (or any Windows Mobile phone) - easier to drag around than a laptop and with lots of interesting programs to play with. Can integrate with task management, etc.

Creative Zen Vision:M - Same idea as the iPod mentioned above, but I like the Creative stuff.

I really want to get a Fujitsu Lifebook 810 ( (or it's successor), but haven't decided on spending that much on a potential toy yet.

12-11-08, 04:59 PM
I just got an Ipod Nano for my birthday. I love it! I felt like someone designed it just for me.

12-11-08, 06:16 PM
one of the small USB powered 500 GB external discs
(maybe two or three)

1 universal battery + small powercord (powers everything I have)

a mobile USB 3g stick - as soon as the prices extend from 12 GB/80 in the UK -> Europe

Everun Note 24GB SSD - as soon as I read reviews on speed

A legion of Asus/Acer Netbooks (and a battered Sony TX) for wife and children


I only need 1 retractable USB cord and a power cord for the battery -
which I use to recharge the rest.
Hate hate hate wires, power transformers, spare batteries, dangly things which connect up to the rest


Maybe an iGo Universal power supply also - as soon as I never get round to checking whether the netbooks will run offa' it.

Eneloop zero discharge batteries -
for kiddy games
Maha rechargeable battery A -> D conditioning and monitoring device

Portable Headroom DAC/amp -

Psion 7/netbook (portability)
The battery lasts for a decent time

Nikon S5c -
- wifi transfer of images
(no wires)

N95 and bundled maps
for navigation,
games (N gage)
with bluetooth keyboard for control

for knights in with Dark Alex

Archos 704 -
- for handsfree camcorder functionality (attaches to baseball cap)

Olympus 2 GB handsfree voice-activated dictaphone
- because I will forget.

Radio-controlled solar powered watch
Never needs either setting or Batteres.

Bluetooth AVCRP/A2DP transmitter and receiver and Radio transmitter and receiver
To send music wirelessly.

The whole lot (including the soon to be purchased fits into the pockets of my grossly distended trousers and coat -
(apart from the Maha
- whch is the only Mains electricity requiring product on the list)

at a push.



Avoid anything which needs a wire (power or connector) -
Avoid anything which won't fit into a pocket -
Avoid HDD for flash -
- nice and cool, functional when moving - robust are all preferred -

Hate power cords
Hate wires
Hate the thought that companies seem to forget that power is important for a product -
the portable and fixed power supplies are important



- the lifebook looks good.

12-11-08, 06:40 PM
Everything is in place for the whole lot to be reduced down into just one device
(ever so soon)

- that device (though) will need to have a really great sound card.

10-08-09, 03:26 PM
My nintendo DS.

11-25-10, 04:58 PM
My iPhone. I'd be lost without it. (Sometimes literally, if I'm driving!)

11-25-10, 08:27 PM
Motorbikes, tho i need another as i dont have 1 now. laptop is my life. MP3 player.

11-25-10, 08:33 PM
HTC Hero I spend most of my time on while smoking playing games and than after that surfing a bit and listening to music and then calling family and friends.

Macbook for playing Age of Empires and doing banking and billing and listening to favorites on my youtube channel.

Old Dell computer for posting on here and for using programs not compatible with Apple products like a 7 day trial of smartdraw for making flowcharts.

04-15-11, 09:19 PM
got an iPod touch - some great apps (that are also on the iPhone) that I use are:

Toodledo ( - to track my to do list.... it syncs to the website version

Eternity Time Log ( - to log how I spend my time

Gym Buddy ( - to log my workouts

Alarmed ( - To wake up!!!!!! Has a progressively louder and louder setting. I use the foghorn.

Fliq Notes ( - To jot down thoughts etc I have

I find it very good for my to do list, since it's small enough to carry everywhere, and it has a calendar, contacts, internet to look things up, etc.

04-16-11, 01:37 AM
my Hadron Collider.. so i can make god particles and particle phase popped corn.. i cant imagine life without it =)

i dont know what id do without i... an .. ann.... instruction manual for this thing..

freakin ebay..