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12-05-07, 03:41 PM
I have been diagnosed with ADHD at the Durham ADHD Center in Durham and would like to find a new doctor. I prefer a psychiatrist as I need someone who can prescribe meds. Thank you

12-08-07, 06:50 AM
I created a sectionin the diagnosis section just for this frequently asked question

Where Can I Find a Health Care Professional? (

12-10-07, 12:20 AM
Thanks but I already tried all of those resources before posting.
CHIS gives a 404 error.
AD/HD lists only the Duke ADHD clinic.
Chaad lists psychiatrists
ADDA nothing either

I do have a list of a few doctors, but I was hoping to hear recommendations.

I am interested in doctors in the Durham/Chapel Hill/Hillsborough/Burlington area. I would really like someone with a sense of humor.

12-10-07, 12:26 AM
CHIS gives a 404 error

Then I shall remove that one -

In some areas like mine we members are pretty scattered out.

Chaad lists psychiatrists

Who are often the ones who treat adult ADD.

12-10-07, 12:44 AM
Using the WebMD list provided by Shire

this doctor ( came up in the search as being in your area.

hopefully this will be the entire list (

as of this posting the hyperlinks are working properly - some times it takes varying criteria or trying several directories to find the results you are looking for.

This is the results from my second search attempt. Now I can't guarantee sense of humor but seeing he is on a Shire list he should be acquainted with medications for ADD or at least believes adult ADD exist.

I run across these directories while surfing the net and share them in an attempt to help out other members. Some of the sources are posted by other members and I provide a link to their post in an effort to make a central location for this information to be found. I am always looking for new information to add to this area.

12-10-07, 12:34 PM
Thanks. I am printing out the list as I write. Interestingly none of the two doctors mentioned on the local Chaad newgroup are mentioned nor are any of the names offered by someone at the Duke ADHD clinic who asked around for me.

Has anyone seen Drs Mickiewicz, Dunn or Chen?

If so, you be willing to respond to me privately about your impressions of them?