View Full Version : Does Seroquel get rid of your headaches?

12-06-07, 12:18 AM
As soon as I began taking Seroquel in September, I noticed that my headaches virtually disappeared. I've vacillated between migraines (I even got them as a child) and some sort of headache from minor to severe for as long as I can remember. The first morning when I woke up after taking Seroquel for the first time, my head felt "cleared out" and it didn't hurt. I really haven't had any headaches since then. Unfortunately, it wasn't stabilizing my mood, because I wasn't taking enough, so in some bizarre, irrational, state, I decided I wasn't going to take it any more. I decided that I didn't need meds anymore. I woke up with a miserable, crashing, headache the next day. It throbbed and tortured me the entire day. I got so desperate, I took part of my Seroquel dose because I was hoping it would put me to sleep so I didn't have to be in pain any longer. It didn't, but about 30 min. later-- headache significantly diminished. I then said to myself that I would decrease it gradually, to avoid the headache problem. I took 1/2 my normal dose-- headache again. Took the rest, no headache. I was sick this weekend and had one of those nasty, sick, flu headaches-- took Seroquel in the evening before bed as I usually do and the headache went away. Weird. I was really scared to take it initially because headaches were listed as one of the potential side effects. I haven't read anything anywhere about it getting rid of headaches, so I was wondering if anyone else here had experienced a similar thing. I have a psychiatrist appointment on Friday, so I'm going to ask him what he thinks.

Another strange aside, I sometimes get migraines in which I lose all coordination and muscle control and literally fall down. They start with a very specific, intense, nauseating headache. I then have trouble picking things up, etc., the coordination problem gets so bad, I fall down, can't walk, can't do anything. I have no control over my limbs whatsoever. This phase lasts for several hours, and the pain gradually diminishes. I feel weird and tired afterwards, but can walk again, etc. Does anyone else get these type of headaches? I only have them a few times a year and experience a more typical migraine more often than these. My mother also suffers from migraines, but not this type.

12-11-13, 11:17 PM
Seroquel killed my migraines for me when I was prescribed them as an anti-psychotic.
I had had migraines for a large portion of my early life, and had broken down to taking things like excedrin and ibuprofin to try and fend them off to no avail.

I'm curious as to if you are still taking the seroquel, and if it is still keeping your migraines at bay, thanks.