View Full Version : Depressional Thoughts Taking Over

12-06-07, 03:21 AM
Lately I have been really up and down with my emotions. My highs are very high and my lows are very low.
Right now I am depressed and I can't take it. I hate feeling like this and get really suicidal thoughts. I hate it because I feel like I have this complaining attitude all the time. I can tell that I am really depressing to be around, not someone that people would want to associate with right now which gets me even more down. I feel like this dark force of depression is taking me over and turning me into someone else. I don't want to tell anyone, like my family, who are already worried. I would seem like an ungrateful complainer. I can't describe how it feels. I am stuck in a sinking sand of darkness that is pulling me under.
Sorry I must sound like such a complainer...

12-06-07, 04:29 AM
hugs are not alone here....and you never sound like a complainer..
I'm sure someone can offer advice..but. we're here for you..
talk away

12-06-07, 04:37 AM
aww thanks your really nice. It makes me feel a little bit better :)
Its my birthday in 2.5 hours lol

12-06-07, 04:40 AM
aww thanks your really nice. It makes me feel a little bit better :)
Its my birthday in 2.5 hours lolno worries..that's what we're here for..I remember last night you saying it was your birthday tomorrow..but I guess I got mixed up with the time difference :faint:

When's your next docs appointment?

12-06-07, 04:47 AM
I'm not sure when the doctors appointment is. I am really scared to go see the doctor. It's weird. Also I'm not sure if this is just hormones? I was asking my bro if he thought I was bipolar and he said he defnitely didnt think I was but I havent told him all my feelings. I wouldn't want him to worry either. He is a really good guy.

Timezones are just plain annoying. lol

12-06-07, 04:52 AM
4gA..there will be someone here to talk to'll get great advice from Mspen (matt)..he is the "cycling team leader" I was looking for him last night :-)
He'll lead you to the good info..and the right people to talk to..
I'm going out to xmas dinner with my I woun't be back until your birthday!! so hang in there...and get a hold of matt if you can :-)

12-06-07, 04:55 AM
ok thanks and I will talk to Matt.
Enjoy your dinner :)

12-06-07, 10:48 AM
it's 10 minutes until your birthday ;-)