View Full Version : About to Get on the Focalin Bus

12-11-07, 03:36 PM
Hi, everyone!

I'm getting a prescrip. filled for Focalin today. I'm switching over from Adderall, which improved my mood but not my focus and left me depressed at the end of the day. Hoping Focalin will be better, but after doing some research on others' experiences I'm not too hopeful. Trying to stay positive, though!

Anyway, just wanted to introduce myself to the Focalin board.

12-11-07, 04:27 PM
Hi Bethany,

I saw a few of your posts about Adderall, and I beleive you said you were taking the XR. Are you going to be taking the Focalin in the XR version as well?

12-11-07, 05:39 PM
Yes, XR. I think I tend to metabolize these drugs quickly so the XR is better for me.

12-11-07, 06:53 PM
Do you start the Focalin XR tomorrow? What dose are you starting on?

12-11-07, 08:37 PM
I'm waiting until later in the week to start because I am starting a new job and I don't want to be going through any weird new med effects during my first few days.

I'll be starting at 10 mgs and increasing to 20 after 5 days.