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12-11-07, 05:34 PM
Not really poetry, but i'm not really sure what it is. Just a little thing I wrote. I'll probably publish some of my non-ADD related poetry I wrote a few years back just to share, I haven't written nearly like I did when I was in high school but just thought I would share:

Missing the "M" and "E"

It creeps through my mind, theres no way I can catch it. Running through my head and into my veins, shooting over my body. Concentration is split by a head full of ideas and creations, things I cant control. Closing my eyes creates the masterpieces I cant produce. Theres a feel of need to do more, change what is going on. Acting on impulses, not being able to organize, together they conquer me. Theres chaos and day dreams that would be considered Hi-def compared to most others without it. Unable to be trapped, I can only sometimes contain it. Maybe, it eats only at my insides, and thats why you cant see it. A step back and a wide angle will let you see its what made this personality. Hate it or love it, its me and if you cant understand thats who I am then Im better off without. You see, I need somebody that can deal with me. Change my personality and who will I be? A clone, a fake, a person without the s, r, or e.