View Full Version : Docs office wants to put me on short-term disability and Lithium

12-12-07, 03:36 PM
I went to the doctor's office today and two things happened.

1) She agreed that short-term disability is a good idea. She said she would fill out any paperwork needed. I am going through the process which is very vague and makes me very nervous as far as pay goes. I have to let my boss know I will be out starting tomorrow. At a big company am I better off disclosing the Bipolar in writing to help protect myself or not?

2) She wants to add 300mg of Lithium to my meds. She said the Lamictal was great, but owuld not help with the tremendous ups and downs I am having. She said she tests every three months or so and thought it would be a good med for me to start with. Any thoughts on this?

I amn a wreck right now.

Matt S.
12-12-07, 03:42 PM
Honestly, Lithium may make the world of difference to you, there are times that Lithium is the only thing that helps me, but I use it for acute mania and Lamictal helps me stay stable.

When I get really manic, Lithium is the only thing that will do anything for me and it changes a lot of people's lives for the better, The blood tests suck and finding the right level can be a pain but 300 mg isn't much so hopefully you won't suffer it's effects that come into play at doses like 1800- 2400 mg.

I hope it helps you out...

12-12-07, 04:21 PM
Will you and your family be ok on disability?

12-12-07, 05:46 PM
8 weeks is at 90% pay. I am so nervous about my company doing something to screw me over. Even though they use a third party hr vendor and I can sue them for discrimination if they mess with me for being BP I am nervous. It's completely irrational.

Jesse 7.0
12-12-07, 05:55 PM
I wish you the best of luck Spongedaddy. You have worked hard lately and I feel, in my humble opinion, you need a break. Best wishes go from me to you.

P.S. I am still jealous of the weather you are experiencing... it has been in the twenties here. BRRRR!

12-12-07, 06:49 PM
I think you deserve the break too, Sponge. And I know the Lithium testing is a pain? But had I not leveled out on Lamictal, it was my next step too, ok? My cycles were nowhere near as marked as yours have been, either.

Lithium has saved a lot of lives, man, and the Team will be here for ya!

12-12-07, 07:25 PM
iam havingabad panic attack and have called the doctor for emergency meds i am afraid of going into shock..i hatethis disease

12-12-07, 07:57 PM
Any news from the doc yet, Sponge?

Matt S.
12-12-07, 07:57 PM
That is why I recommended Klonipin, it helps bipolar and anxiety attacks. We hate to see you suffer here.

12-12-07, 09:06 PM
i took a nyquil and tomorrow will get klonipin...this was a very bad of the worst I have ever had...thank you all for your support

12-12-07, 10:22 PM
i'm so sorry spongedaddy. please let us know how you're doing tomorrow. i hope you can rest well tonight. (((hugs)))

12-13-07, 10:18 AM
Andrew? What's the okay?

((( Hugs )))) Thinking of you my friend.

12-13-07, 02:08 PM
My panic attack has passed, but mania was waiting on the other side. I just got my Lithium and will take the first dose tonight. I spoke to the caseworker who approves the short-term disability and she said she could hear the pain in my voice. She knew all about the condition and said she couldn't see any reason that I would have trouble getting as much of the short-term as needed.

Thank you all for caring. This has been a very rough stretch and I appreciate all of you. I hope I can start to heal.

12-13-07, 03:12 PM
8 weeks is at 90% pay. I am so nervous about my company doing something to screw me over. Even though they use a third party hr vendor and I can sue them for discrimination if they mess with me for being BP I am nervous. It's completely irrational.Make sure you disclose to HR that you have BP. If they don't know you are BP and fire you, then you won't have a leg to stand on. I think it is one of the reqiurements to be covered under the ADA, read it somewhere but am not 100% sure. I discolsed to mine just to be on the safe side. HR CANNOT disclose it to your employer unless you specify that you want them to.

Matt S.
12-13-07, 03:14 PM
I added Depakote to my cocktail to help with the mini-cycles

Jesse 7.0
12-13-07, 07:58 PM
I am glad to see you better my friend. I hate to see anyone suffer, much less someone who has helped me in the past. Best wishes to you and your family. I really hope you get the disability that you deserve.

12-13-07, 08:19 PM
How often are the LITHIUM blood tests (liver tests?)?

I'd imagine they are more frequent than every three months (at least _at first_).

e.g. another problematic drug, Clozapine, is blood-tested every 2 weeks. (Can cause agranulocytosis.)

12-13-07, 08:34 PM
She said the first one would be in three months. I don't know if I will make it that far because the Lithium is causing me to sweat profusely and if that continues it might not be good.

Matt S.
12-13-07, 09:07 PM
I know one of the things I hate about Depakote is the fact that it is a blood level drug.

12-14-07, 05:47 PM
Well the Lithium made my stomach very sick and I sweated a ton. The nurse practitioner was out so a doctor from the office (and maybe her husband) called me back. I told him about the sweating and he actually said "In my 40 years of prescribing lithium I have never heard of that happening." It took a lot of presence not to respond to that. He said try it one more night and if nothing changes stop taking it. I never had such a bad reaction to a med before so I think they need to give me something else.

Matt S.
12-14-07, 05:56 PM
Have you tried Depakote or Tegretol?

12-14-07, 06:30 PM
I called the phamracist and he said he never heard of it either. I have felt ill all day so it may be that it is coincidental to me coming down with something. I guess I will try it one more time and see what happens.