View Full Version : Me (This is a poem)

12-13-07, 05:38 AM

I was born with a smile on my face
I walk without a trace
Wind touches me
Sun laughs at me
Moon and stars watch over me

Spring spins me around to see all the beauty
New leaves on the trees
Flowers tell me we are here, happy as happy as can be

Summer, blue sky sun and sea
I swim and sleep under the trees
I walk, talk and eat outdoors
I dance until I can't cope

Autumn is the time I work more
What to keep and what to throw
I clean the land and put see for new plants
I feel relaxed watching the birds

Winter whispers in my ear
It tells me I'm here
Look after yourself
Cold wind and snow
My Christmas tree will not blow
It's inside my home
Full of lights and angel on top
It gives me hope

This was written from the heart by a lovely Lebanese lady names Elham whom I met at my Pharmacy Retail course, I liked this poem so much I thought I'd share it on here.