View Full Version : The Chat room and why it is never used.

12-14-07, 12:32 AM
Ok so,

I like the idea of the chat, but it is nearly impossible to get anyone in there.

I would like to know what keeps you out of the chat room.

Here are some down sides of the chat room from my perspective:

1.) The chat allows unregistered users that can sometimes be rather rude

2.) Even though this function is suggested by the interface, you can NOT create new rooms.

3.) The faces just don't make sense (they don't line up with the general forum faces), and are rather limited in their range of expressions.

4.) Moderators can not directly moderate the chat room unless the user has an account, unregistered users would require a ban from the server its self. Administration is not always available and is probably not overly concerned with rude chatters that haven't registered with the site.

12-14-07, 12:34 AM
is boring to me

Matt S.
12-14-07, 12:43 AM
I have been coming here for almost two years and just noticed a couple of months ago that there was a chat room, that may be the case for some.

12-14-07, 12:56 AM
I understand the site will be updated soon, i guess we can cross our fingers and hope for a chat improvement.