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12-18-07, 06:01 AM
I have a relatively Visual-Spatial IQ, which is a bit the NVLD profile (Though when I read the list of "symptoms" of NVLD, it doesn't fit to well).

Is this likely to be a Cerebellum issue, that might be cure with Dore or similar methods.


12-18-07, 02:47 PM
Hi Msmith. As a Dore mom that has done a lot of reading on the cerebellum and the effects of cerebellar deficits, I have read visual spacial deficits can be caused by a deficit in the cerebellar region. My son did not deal with any of this though, so I cannot speak personally on how Dore may clear up that issue. If you click on the Dore link in my signature, feel free to post your question there on the dore mom's thread; any of the moms would be more than happy to share if any of their children also deal with the visual spacial aspects. If you want to look up more information, look up "Schmahmann" in google, and you can read his studies which specifically address this. He has done extensive work on the cerebellum and the areas it affects when comprimised.

The only way you would know for sure is to visit with a Dore rep (there is usually no charge to just visit and get a feel for if you can be helped by the Dore program) and then to undergo their thorough evaluation and neurologic workup which assesses specifically for cerebellar function and deficits, and that is the only thing they actually formally diagnose.

Let me or any of the other moms on the Dore thread know if there is anything else we can help you with. The movement based therapies, the more individuals that complete them, are excitingly starting to show much promise in correcting and alleviating many issues that are neurologically-based!

12-20-07, 08:29 AM
Oh boy I went through a discussion like this in alternative treatment a while back . . .bottom line Frazzle makes some really good points but all view points considered I still do not see all learning disabilities as being cerebellum related although I will not rule out the possibility that some may very well be. . . like there are about a half dozen conditions besides ADD that can cause problems with selective attention Although all can look a lot like ADD in truth only a percentage will actually have ADD. . .. while other student with attention problems could be suffering from depression, CAPD, and divorcing parents I believe the same hold true for learning problems. . . . two students may have what looks like dyslexia but their problems can actually be caused by different two different conditions.

Personally I do not relate to the cerebellum symptomatology at all but in no way represent the entire LD population and from what I understand some people with LD do experience these described as CD problems.