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02-16-04, 08:18 PM
Hi everybody! I am a future special education teacher looking forward to learn a little bit about ADD and ADHD from people who have the disease, researchers, parents, and other educators. I am in my last set of classes before student teaching and was wondering if anybody, specifically parents could help my group members and I out. We are trying to construct a Parent Manual for our students, and we seem to need a little guidance. This question is for those parents who receive Parent Manuals from their children's schools or for those parents who would like to receive a Parent Manual. What would you like to see in the Parent Manual? What resources do you want in the Parent Manual? What do or what should Parent Manuals consists of? I greatly appreciate your input. Thanks and I hope to hear from you soon!


Brett Esbenshade
Millersville University

02-16-04, 08:47 PM

First, ADD/ADHD is not a disease, its a disorder. Thus, the name: Attention Deficit Disorder.

Second, While I think its important that you, as a student, soon-to-be-teacher, be able to do your research and collect information, you should also know that what is posted in this web forum is copyrighted and is the property of the ADD Forums.

Members of the ADD Forums are protected in this manner, so that they may feel free to discuss their experiences with ADD and other disorders, without concern that others might use what they post without permission.

Should you wish to do you research on these Forums, please contact one of the Site Administrators for permission to do so.


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