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12-21-07, 07:59 PM
I am always late for school. But today I desided to reach school (I deside to do that quite often) because it was the last day before the christmas holiday and we started an hour later than usual. We should have breakfast together at the school. I woke up an hour earlier than necessary to have very good time. When I was ready to go, I had half an hour until I had to go (unbelieveable) so I sat down in the sofa to relax a bit before I had to go. This went very well. But; five minutes before i had to go, I fall alseep and I wake up an hour later, half an hour after I should have been at school.
I hurried to a bus and when I came to the school everyone had went home:mad:
It is just so stupid.
My teacher think I donīt care about school and that iīm just being lazy. Hope thatīs not true.. What if I actually donīt try enough at all. Maybe Iīm just weak and really lazy and donīt know how to work hard.?
Anyone else always late for school?
Do you have some advise?

12-22-07, 06:42 PM
yes ! this happeneds to me all the time .I have to wake up at least a hour eailer than every one eles i cannot wake up later thatn 6:08ish or eles i am late and miss the bus.Then i have to wait for my mom to drive me to school i cannot wait untill i can drive lol.But yes this happeneds to me all the time.I am constintally worring that my first period teacher thinks that I do not care.But my doctor actually wrote mem a medical note this year since he realized that i am not playing around with it(my freshmen year he didnt write one and i was late and it was a mess) well actually he wrote on occsion to be late but what ever lol.If you are medication try talking to your doctor.Also maybe try talking to your teacher.But if you do that try not to blame it on add say like it is very hard for you to get to school ontime and that you are trying and that you are working on new tecneaks(sp!) on how to get on time.Or something like that but actually try new things lol dont lie to the teacher lol ! :)

01-10-08, 03:29 PM
! How did your doctor understand that you didnīt mean to be late? My mom think I mean to be late because I want her to drive me to It is so strange, because I am actually quite obedient and conscientious, and I hate too be late (It is so frustrating when I am late and everyone in my class comments it and say that I should care more about school, or when everyone laugh when I come into the classroom because because they have been joking about it before I came!:mad:) and to not finish things I have promised to do and yet I do it all the time. But how can I prove it?
Anyways, Thank you for your advise! :) Iīll try to talk to my teacher:o

01-10-08, 03:53 PM
I'm almost always late to the first class. It's just that I keep saying..."one more minute...", "no, wait, 3 and that's it", "nah, I can do it with 2 minutes more", "1 and it's over", "hey!!!! I started countring from 30 seconds! Again!".....

01-11-08, 12:06 AM
What I do is to set an alarm and when it goes I <B>have</B> to go. If I don't stick to that I'm often (almost) late and I feel bad about it since I (once again) didn't keep a promise to myself. Which I do far too often.

01-22-08, 05:11 PM
haha yeah i did that alarm thing.You want to know something like amazing? b4 I start I am not saying that you all are not.But the night before as I go to sleep I am like ok I am going to make the bus in the morning.And I don't know weather it is that or my alarms or what but for a couple of days in a row not only did I make the bus but I was EARLY bizzar no? lol Sa225 ( ?I am not sure why my doctor did I think because I said that it was because at night when my meds are gone I well get add so that gets me to sleep late and then I wake up late(or wake up on time and take my meds late) ect. He didnt really understand he kinda gave me legh way i guess.My mom knows that I dont well sometimes.I always yell at her to get ready quicker lol yeah mornings are fun lol.and I so know what you mean about being late to class ! lol one time I am pretty sure they were taking bets on when I would come in or if I was late or not in school but hey just smile and act like you dont care lol

01-22-08, 06:31 PM
i was always to class and to school

01-23-08, 10:32 PM
haha I spoke to sooon lol I was late today :( Im not perfecet lol

01-24-08, 02:25 PM
Thanks:) Iīll try that too:oTomorow I am going to wake up early and make the bus (I write it here, so someone knows about my plan and then I have to do it, lol)
ps: I think I have to invent an alarm clock that splash water in my face:rolleyes:

05-01-08, 10:01 PM
I'm almost always late to the first class. It's just that I keep saying..."one more minute...", "no, wait, 3 and that's it", "nah, I can do it with 2 minutes more", "1 and it's over", "hey!!!! I started countring from 30 seconds! Again!".....

Hahahaha xDDD same here.

I do not function well before 9 AM, no one should expect me to be on time to anything before 9 AM. After that, I'm cool.

05-02-08, 01:43 AM
Stay up really late on the internet, reading, partying, etc. and then crash in the classroom where you have your first class???

05-02-08, 08:56 AM
I'll have some caffeine and I'll be fine in my first class, but I crash in my last class of the day =X Which is AP English, so that is bad.