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12-24-07, 04:30 AM
I was diagnosed as depressed (surprise) and ADHD as an adolescent. When I was 25, I lost a pregnancy at 10 weeks. Almost 27 now. I was understandibly upset with such a loss, but I am relieved that I only have myself to deal with, especially now. The severity of my moods has increased steadily since then. They have begun to effect everything.

Is is possible that pregnancy in general can trigger the hardcore onset of bipolar?

12-24-07, 12:05 PM
First let me say I'm very sorry for your loss. It's not easy to lose a baby. If it is any comfort, you are not alone. One of 5 first pregnancies end in a miscarriage, but Mom's go on to have other healthy children.

As far as pregnancy being a trigger for the hardcore onset of bipolar...not that I'm aware of. But my first pregnancy I was a wreck just before I knew I was expecting, and then my post partum was horendous. I wasn't diagnosed as having bipolar yet so everyone always told me "It's just hormones." Not hardly, but they certainly didn't help.

Interestingly enough, my second pregnancy I was fine, more confident, no post partum depression and was on a kite for about 6 months. Wha-hoo! Hypomania during parenthood, who'd have thought.

I think you'd really have to evaluate what you were like before the pregnancy, if you had bipolar symptoms then. I think the hormones and upsetness can certainly make the already existing symptoms much worse.

12-24-07, 12:22 PM

"There is a significant genetic component to bipolar disorder. If a family member has bipolar disorder, other family members may be at risk. The identical twin of a person with bipolar disorder is at the highest risk for developing the condition. However, stress of some kind often is needed to trigger the onset of the disease. The disease does not occur just because of one gene, and the cause of the disease is likely a combination of multiple genetic and environmental factors.

Sometimes a period of emotional stress, drug use, an illness, or another event seems to trigger the onset of the disease. Stresses can also trigger a manic or depressive episode in people who are known to have the condition."

I'd be inclined to think that the stress and emotional turmoil of the miscarriage might be the trigger here.

12-25-07, 12:18 AM
So it would make it worse if one was predisposed beforehand. Thanks for the info.

12-25-07, 01:25 AM
That whole pregnancy thing did help me put a lot things, like what I really needed to ***** about, in perspective. I definitely have a different outlook now.

It just seemed to seal the deal on what had already been progressing as BP. I was no longer able to put up a facade, suck it up, make good money, and exist in a financially & emotionally stable fashion. What had seemed like just stupid quirks forever suddenly had me regressing as a responsible adult. Still working on this issue. Really sucks.


12-25-07, 02:24 AM
That whole pregnancy thing did help me put a lot things, like what I really needed to ***** about, in perspective. I definitely have a different outlook now.

It's a great sign of emotional maturity to have learned and grown from such a painful experience. I admire that.