View Full Version : Therapist in Seattle for HSP/ADHD?

12-26-07, 05:19 PM
I am a guy that is both ADHD and Highly Sensitve. Touch, Smell, Emotions all scream out to me. Loud people, loud noises all beat me up and I can get very afraid of people who have criticized or "yelled at" me.

I have read some of Aron's HSP books, and while these books describe me perfectly, I need to work on learning to fit in with normal people, especially with my fears of people.

Due to my ADHD/HSP I have had a very hard time with jobs, being critized for little things, when the other work I accomplished was disregarded, even thought it was excellent. I am trying to find someone to work with regarding my HSP.

The therapist should understand HSP, and probably ADHD to work well with me. Got any tips for good folks?

12-26-07, 06:11 PM
Being clear on the other side of the country I can't be of much help, but my insurance coverages website has a find a doc thing and it lists each docs specialty and specific areas they treat. So one doc might do do Depression, but not ADD, just as an example. Plus it listed what treatments they offered, ie. meds, therapy, biothingy... etc.

Now if you don't have insurance I guess my post was of absolutely no help.

In which case I guess you could whip out the yellow pages and either call and simply ask, or see if you can find them online.