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02-18-04, 03:10 PM
Seeing Mels post about how a kind stranger helped her home inspired me to give this a try. This is the 1st story I have written in ages so bear with me. This is a true story and happened in 1983 I think. Here it goes.

I was working for McDonalds on the 23rd of December. I came into work early that day because I was leaving to go home to Los Alamos, New Mexico. I was in Waco, Texas at the time. I was looking forward to the trip home. It had been a very depressing year. I had flunked out of Baylor and did want to move home. The friend I had were in college and I was working full time at Mcdondalds. It was a depressing job. I was treated very badily as one every other employee who worked there. My self esteem was low. I did not understand why I could never finish anything. My parents had bought my airline ticket. I was going to take the airport shuttle from Waco to Dallas where I would catch a plane to New Mexico.
It was about 10:00am when I left work to walk home to my apartment. It had gotten very cold and with freezing rain the streets had frozen over. It was a big skating rink on the roads. the news had said it was snowing heavily in Dallas. I called the shuttle and they told me they were not running because it was to dangerous. I called greyhound and they were not running either. I had the 28.00 I needed for the shuttle and that was it. I was upset because it looked like I was not going to make it home to see my family who loved me for who I was. I knew it would be hard to catch another flight the 24th because there were all ready delays of flights leaving Dallas and it would be the day before Christmas. Then what we know now as my ADD took over. I had never heard of ADD that cold day in December. I packed my bag. I was an ADD bachelor so it took me all of 5 minutes. I decided I would walk the 1/2 mile to the freeway and try to hicthhike to Dallas. If I did not get picked up in 1st half hour that would be the sign this was not my x-mas to go home. I bundled up and headed to the freeway. I had no car and spent those 2 years of my life hitchhiking everywhere. I even hitchhiked to Monroe, Louisanna once.
I walked up the exit ramp as is slowly began to snow. There was very little traffic. The freeway had a sheet of ice about a 1/2 inch thick. It was all I could do to stand up as I walked to a long straight away. I alternated thumbs because it was very cold. It was 2:00 when I got on the freeway. My plane was leaving at around 0700. after 20 minutes a young guy stoped and asked where I was headed. I told him the airport. He said he could give me a ride out of Waco that was all. I said yes. You have a better chance of getting ride when you are out of the city. When he droped me off he handed me 20.00 and told me he had a feeling I would need it. I said I had money, but he insisted that I would need it.
5 minutes late another young guy in a 68 gold plymouth sedan picked me up. It was a boat. He had an old tape recorder in the front seat that was playing Keith Green ( a popular Christain singer at the time). He said he would give me a ride to Dallas. The freeway was a sheet of ice and it was starting to snow pretty heavily. The ice and snow did not cause him to slow one bit. We were going 60 and passing everything on the road. he was cussing and honking at everycar that was in the passing lane that was in his way. I was a nervous wreck,but never asked to be let out. 30 miles later we started to slide. Next thing I new we were going backward down the freeway, then forward flying off onto the grass medium in the middle of the freeway. I thought oh good this will slow him down. I was wrong. Off we went. 5 miles later we were going backwards, then forwards, then sideways. We missed a coupe of cars flew off the side of the freeway down a sight embankment into a ditch. It was filled with water, ice, and 6 inches of snow. We were stuck.Since he was quite a bit bigger than me. He told me to floor it on his command an he would push it. I asked if he was sure he wanted me to floor it. He said yes. I hit the gas. The car went no where but the water and ice covered him. He was ****** but forgave me. about 5 minutes later a Monster truck came up and asked if we needed to be towed out of the ditch. We said yes. The truck driver said it would cost us 20.00. My now companion said he had no money. I said I have 20.00 and gave him the money that was a gift from the 1st ride I got. They pulled the car out of the ditch. To get traction they srayed mud and water all over the windsheild. This immediatley froze. We had about an inch of mud pie frozen on the windshield. My Companion drove very slowly. He had his window open and was driving by craining his head thorugh the window to navigate our path to the nearest gas station. We cleared the windsheild by poorin hot water on it. He droped me off at a hotel on the outskirts of Dallas.
There was 6 inches of snow on the ground. I walked into the lobby and asked them to call me a cab. The bellman told me that it would probably be at leat 2 hours. The cabs were delayed. 5 minutes later a cab pulled up and said he wold drive me to the Airport for 25.00 I gave him the money I had left. We got to the airport around 7:00pm. My flight was delayed and I took off that night for home. When I arrived at 0100 I told my mom how I got home. She started crying and said that someone of a higher power must of wanted me home. She said that me making it home was her christmas gift.

That is it. Hope you enjoy it. Feed back and constructive criticism is welcome. Jim