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02-18-04, 06:39 PM
I can't say that I have been the perfect daughter in the world, it took me years to realize how wonderful my mother really is. All those times of clean up your room, do the dishes, wash the clothes, got to pay your bills, feed the animals, etc...she was not trying to be the big boss ladyand I her little slave to do the housework...She was teaching me to be self reliant and to do things on my own...I know there are times mommy can not be there and I have to take care of my own.

My Mom, has a great instinct about looking into the souls of people and can tell whether they are good or bad to be around me. I did not always believe that! I took it as the "No one is good enough for my daughter." rountine. I foolishly follwed my heart and not my head and thought about mom as the enemy and went off dating who ever I choose and doing what ever I wanted...alhough mom hated it..she still did not argue and let me make my own mistakes...She warned me...So the mistakes I made shame on me. Now I think that is a sign of a good mom.

There have been times that I thought she would yell at me for the big mistakes that I have done. times where any other parent, like my dad, would have laid into they're kid.

Like the time I wreck her only car and totaled it..I thought for sure she was going to never trust me againand yell at me..but she met me at the accident and I was crying and terrified and Screaming, "Mom I am so sorry...I am such an Idiot!"
She hugged me and said "It's ok Mel, I am glad that you are alive, I can replace a car, but I can not replace a daughter."
She met me at the hospital and I was still crying with guilt and she told me, "Mel this is your first time's only natural that you are not used to handling a car on your own, you are not an Idoit!" Still when the doctor was patching up my knee that was busted wide open, Mom was still there to hold my hand and distract me from the shots they gave me and the stiches. When we got home she was still there to take care of me and help me get around the house. She could not have been more wonderful!

The most horrible thing I done, the man I loved,at the time, I put his needs above everyone in my life and even myself. Mom instantly hated him, but I did not care. I always had to depend on mom for everything from rides to work or school, she never complained, but still I felt I was a burden on her. That was partly the reason I ran away, but I did not tell anyone and jsut took off and left with my boyfriend(ex now) to another state...I hurt my mother badly when I did that....when the ex and I found out wre could not make it in an another state..Again I thought Mom would yell at me and I would lose her trust. Wrong again...Mom hugged me when she got home from work, and told me "I am just glad you are home now and safe, and never ever think you are a burden on me caue you are not!.", and left it at that! It was then I realized that she was not the enemy, but she was only trying to protect me. I regret even to this day for being so blind

I felt I deserved to get yelled at but still she didn't.

Every since then, I am still dependant on her, and still she never complains about doing things for me and taking care of me until I can get back on my feet again, I still repay her kindness with everything she has taught me, help her with food stamps, cook her dinner, wash her clothes(which is always ready for when she goes ot work at night), feed the animals, etc...any thing I can do to make it up to her for my mistakes. If I make a small mistake, no problem, but when I make mistakes that affect my family life in someway...I promise to always try to make amends.

Now that I realize just how wonderful my mother is, I have learned so much from her and I am proud to say I am a Momma's Girl! I can hope and pray that I am as good a mother as she is and be a rock for my kids as she is with me! Love you always, MOM!

02-18-04, 08:18 PM
So beautifully written Melly. Thank you so much for sharing.
I have learned not to take anyone or anything for granted because they will not be here forever.
I got a call... Mom is in the hospital, not doing good. I can not be there with her right now.
Cherish the times you have with your Mom.
Love Ya

02-18-04, 08:36 PM
You gonna make me cry woman...I am sorry she is not doing good, big hugsssssss

02-18-04, 09:49 PM
Didn't mean to make you cry.

02-18-04, 09:52 PM
It's ok hun..I am ok hugssssssss

02-18-04, 10:59 PM

You are so fortunate to have a mother like yours. I would give anything to of had either one of my parents to of been there for me. Your mom sounds so much like my Grandma. (My dad's mom)


02-18-04, 11:10 PM
Well dad, was a lil difficult to deal with, but as long as you have someone in your life to be there for you, it's better than none...that one person can make all the difference in the world, whether hear on the earth or somewhere else they will leave a mark on your heart and you can learn from them, like your grandmother. Also you can learn from the parents who were not can be an even better mom cause you learn from their mistakes and your own..Take care Big Sis!

02-19-04, 12:23 AM
Melly, thanks for you story, APC is right,,you are blessed to have a woman like that in your life! MAybe thats part of the reason you turned out so wonderful,

02-19-04, 12:37 AM
Exactly Melly,

One thing I did as a child is I Vowed to myself that I would never be like my parents. And I have stuck to it no matter what. My grandmother is in heaven now. She has been gone for many years. And I really didn't have much contact with her after my dad moved us away. But the few times I did, I soaked up every word she said, or every gesture she made, and put those in my "Things to live by category".

02-19-04, 12:39 AM
Thanks Ruth and La both are great ladies and it's an honor to know you both..Love you guys!

02-19-04, 01:31 AM
Both my parents are great, have always been there for me and all of my siblings. With mom sick now.... I just wish I had done more..... could do more.

02-19-04, 01:57 AM
You can only do what you can, your best to enjoy the time you have left and not regret what you have not, call here on the phone everytime you get...take a visit everyonce in a something to let them know that you love them. Make up for the lost time. Loves ya APC