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01-01-08, 08:39 PM
Hi all, new to the forumn.

When I went to a small college in New England that had a great health department on campus I was told on many occasions that they thought I had ADD or ADHD and wanted me to get tested.

I did not for a few reasons, one I was always able to get by, two, I was an athlete and did not want to take anything that might get in the way.

Well fast forward 7, well 8 years now and I am starting to see minor issues that I had professionally become major now that I have far more responsibility. I have trouble staying on task, or managing several tasks, or focusing on one issue when another is also out there.

Up until now I have always had the freedom and natural ability to get by without these issues causing major problems. But I am 29 now and they are causing stress in the workplace and I am worried I could end up losing my job and my career due to it.

Can anyone recommend an MD in Tampa that is familiar with adult ADD or ADHD. I called my primary but he is sports medicine. I don't want to nor can I afford to get passed around to several doctors.

Looking for someone who can speak with me, test me and diagnose me if I am indeed ADD or ADHD

Any help, suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks so much

01-06-08, 12:43 PM
No ideas?

01-06-08, 10:15 PM
call your insurance company - they should be able to provide you with psychiatrists who specialize in ADHD

01-07-08, 01:58 AM
Actually I wouldn't start with your insurance company. Many of the people they they refer people to have very little understanding of adult ADHD. I would start with ( , (, and ( .

Far too many people are referred to professionals who have very little understanding of Adult ADHD. The insurance companies really don't know if the doctors understand Adult ADHD. The just look at the list that of specialties the doctors themselves checked off. The insurance companies have not researched the doctors to see if they really understand ADHD. It's not like calling the insurance company to find a dermatologist or cardiologist.

01-07-08, 03:29 AM
I have several directories for the US listed here ( many of them on list that specify they diagnose and treat adult ADD.