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02-18-04, 10:26 PM
...Teachers Would Do

1. Build studentsí self-esteem by using praise generously when appropriate while avoiding ridicule and public criticism.

2. Get to know as much as you can about each childís needs, interests and special talents as well as the way that each child learns best.

3. Communicate often and openly with parents. Contact them early about academic and emotional problems. Donít be defensive when discussing school problems.

4. Assign meaningful homework on a regular basis that helps children learn. Provide direction to parents as to how they can work with their children to make the most out of the homework activities.

5. Set high academic standards for all students. Expect them all to learn and help them to do so. Research has shown that when children are expected to learn, they do.

6. Vary your teaching methods. Make learning challenging and relevant to children and their world.

7. Care about children. Children learn best in an atmosphere that is warm, friendly, caring and enthusiastic.

8. Treat all children fairly and donít play favorites.

9. Enforce a positive discipline code based on fair clear rules that are established at the beginning of the school year. Be sure to reinforce positive behavior rather than just punish negative behavior.

10. Reach out to parents to involve them in their childrenís education. Show them how they can help their children at home. Remember that parents want to work with teachers as members of a team to help their children learn best.