View Full Version : AnyOne In Orlando Wanna Do A ADD And ADHD Meet Up?

01-05-08, 12:02 PM
my boyfriend and i wanna meet others with adhd or add we have adhd in the area do dinner or movie night or a chill out night or day or what ever

like tomorrow we might go to the movies

01-14-09, 04:27 PM
Sure...I'll meet up with someone I've never met before. Sounds like something out of a movie.

04-18-09, 08:30 AM
Wanted to put this back up - I am starting another Adult ADD group in Altamonte and I have had at least 1 request to get another meeting started in Orlando. There is an Orlando group but it seems to be waning. No one seems to be showing-up to meetings except 1-2 people. Last time, that didn't even include the organizer!
This was primarily designed as a support group but there's no reason if the group wants, we can't have social meetups, as well.
You can find it on under "Attention Deficit Disorder", "ADD Care" or "Adult ADD"
Any questions feel free to contact me directly!