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01-06-08, 03:52 PM
To my fellow ADHDers: I have a 15 hour school day, I'm on daytrana for most of it. My problem is; I find that I'm unable to eat at all while 'under the influence'? My essential 'starvation' results in stomach/digestive issues(uncomfortable bloating etc)which makes it difficult to succeed in school. In effect; my medication is causing me many problems, and not nearly enough positive effects to make them worthwhile.I'd greatly appriciate any advice/support that I can get. Thank to so much. Ben. Los Angeles.

01-06-08, 04:11 PM
Ben: Wow......that's a TOUGH schedule.....sounds like intense stress, adrenaline, etc. I would definitely start by seeing your M.D. for some medication consultation. Perhaps a dosage change or even a med change is warranted. I would also see your regular MD or a GI doc to check out if stomach problems are due to other issues besides not eating.....make sense??

Again a 15 hour day is brutal, in my in order to cope with such a schedule, it's important to be in relatively good health, physically, psychiatrically, etc. Are you able to sleep????

You could definitely get something to eat after you sleep....not a bad time....cereal, a piece of fruit or something?? Yogurt??

Good luck...let us know how you're doing....:)

01-06-08, 04:39 PM
Joan,Thanks for the quick response.

it sounds like you have a lot of experience with this stuff. I was only diagnosed with ADHD about two years ago. I started with Adderall, which worked great for about a year and a half; when the side effects/rebound became to much to bear. I was getting very little sleep, and I was not eating either.
Furthermore, I was becoming depressed by my miserable plight. I spoke with my doctor, who recommended the Daytrana patch because its effects are a lot smoother; its rebound less pronounced. So I started on the patch,-it's effects are significant; I can concentrate during the day(if I'm feeling well)-and I can fall asleep at night with less difficulty. But I cannot eat!

My first class begins at 7:30 AM, and my last class ends at 10:30 PM. When I awake at 7:00, before I put the patch on, I just don't feel hungry, so even if I have food I have much trouble eating it. So I don't eat before the patch. Breakfast in school is served at 10:00, at which time I feel totally full with absolutely no appetite whatsoever. So I don't eat then either.
As the day goes on, I feel weaker and less focused. Additionally I suffer from headaches and stomach discomfort caused by my lack of eating any sustainence. Lunch is served at 2:45, and once again I have no appetite. Dinner is at 7:00, but I just can't eat! Class finally ends at 10:30.
By this time I am no longer 'under the influence', so now my hunger hits me like a slap in the face; I feel faint, exausted, dizzy, weak and HUNGRY- so I make food in my dorm room-usually not the most healthful protein filled dishes...then I go to sleep with my stomach aching with hunger, my body weak with fatigue.

I wake in the morning with my stomach killing and a splitting headache. And thus my day begins anew once again! On top of all this; my school does not at all recognize the concept of ADHD, so they give me no assistance in that regard whatsoever. Moreover; I can't really speak with my friends about it because they mostly share a common misconception that ADD/ADHDers are mentally ill, and I fear that they will distance themselves from me due to that. Sorry for ranting; I just haven't let it out for a while now. I'd you're still reading-thank you very much. Ben.

01-07-08, 12:39 AM

you gotta force yourself to eat. Joan gave you great advice - try to get in to see you doc about your loss of appetite. The other thing you can do is drink protein shakes.

good luck!

01-07-08, 01:05 AM
Thanks so much for your advice. I have already been to my doctor twice about my eating/stomach problems; both times I was told the same thing;'force yourself to eat'-i wish it'd be that easy. You see, I WANT to eat, I want to feel better. I try to force myself to eat. But I can't. There are a few reasons for this; firstly-my day is simply to long for medication. There are too many hours during which I am expected to concentrate and in turn can't eat. Furthermore, I live in a dormitory where my ability to cook or prepare food is very restricted. In addition, my break times are very short; Breakfast: 30 min. Lunch: 45 min. Dinner: 70 min.-so I wouldn't even have time to make food-even if I would be hungry! Moreover, even when I do have a snack sitting in front of me, ready to eat-I cannot stomach it. No matter how weak and hungry I feel, no matter how little I ate during the day-i feel stuffed. On top of all this; I strictly observe the kosher dietary laws, so I am therefore very limited as far as what ready to eat foods I can even touch. That's my story. I thank you all for your willing to help. Any additional advice would be greatly appriciated. Be well,Ben.

01-07-08, 01:17 AM
I agree with the above posters Ben, but I would suggest drinking a meal replacement shake in addition to, or as a more nutritional alternative to the protein shakes. Meal replacement shakes like Ensure are nutritionally balanced which is very important when your body is going without any nutrition at all.

Protein shakes are usually used as a supplement to normal nutrition, but from what you are describing it's sounds like your actually experiencing malnutrition. That being said, the protein shakes are an excellent idea if you are also ingesting other essential nutrients, and carbs, etc.

There are also meal replacement powders out there which can be added to water or milk to make your own meal replacement shakes. The powders are much more reasonably priced than the Ensure shakes.

I hope you are able to figure out a solution that works for you.

Please keep us posted as to how things unfold on that end.

01-07-08, 01:23 AM
Thanks so much. Do you know some names the meal replacement powders?

01-07-08, 01:45 AM
Do you know some names the meal replacement powders?

This is the only one that I can confirm to be kosher:

Herbalife ShapeWorks Formula 1 Nutritional Shake Mix Strictly Kosher

I have never tried that one before, but it looks like a good one though.

In addition to Ensure, I have tried these two:

EAS Myoplex

Slim Fast (I know it's a diet product, but at least it offers a balanced form of nutrition)

If you were to do a Google search for meal replacement powders I'm sure you could find something.

01-07-08, 08:13 AM
I do have to say one thing I love adderall because if it wasn't for adderall we would have a hard time controlling our appitites and loosing weight.

01-22-08, 05:32 PM
have you tried packing little things like 100 caliory snack packs ? or something small that is not to much to eat ? I understand how you feel I am the same way well sorta or I will get hungry but when it is time for lunch I have lost all desire to eat.