View Full Version : What to expect with Metadate CD?

01-08-08, 10:40 PM
I took adderall, too speedy. Tried concerta, worst experience ever, only side effects no gain in attention.

My doc gave me a 5 pill prescription for this stuff. What's the success rate and are there ways you "feel" it working?

01-10-08, 05:55 PM
No one? really? I dont feel any effects so I guess it's on to the next pill *sigh*

01-13-08, 12:53 AM
Whoa man, slow down....!

Work with your doctor on one class of stimulants. Start low, go slow, and end up at a higher dose. Can take months to really find the magic dose.

Amphetamines are about 2x more potent than Methylphenidate meds on a mg per mg dose. Adderall XR 20mg ~ 40mg of Ritalin LA, Metadate CD.

Adults ranges on Adderall XR are typically in the 40-60mg and Concerta 81-108mg.


02-05-08, 07:57 PM
I started out on 20mg of metadate cd... nothing... then 40mg... sorta better... Now....
I'm on 60mg Metadate CD in the morning and 20mg at 2pm each day and I've never been better. I'm so happy and focused and the only side effect is a little dry mouth. Totally worth every extra drink of water.

03-17-08, 09:54 PM
I took Metadate CD 30 mg for about 2 years and it actually worked great for me until recently.

I would take the pill, and after an hour I would feel it kicking in. I would become more talkative and energetic, and I would want to go do things. It really helped me in school, too.

The side effects were that it made me feel slightly anxious, I would sweat more, and my chest would hurt sometimes.

04-03-08, 11:02 AM
Hi, I just put my son on this med, 10mg in the AM (this is my 1st post here, BTW). We're told that we have to give him 10-14 days to really see any difference. He's 6y, ADHD combined with the social problems of PDD-NOS thrown in to boot. So far appetite and sleep are good but he's already more anxious on day 4, seems more OCD about his favorite toys and books, and is much worse at home with us at night (about 10 hours after his dosing). We call his name 3-4 times w/o response, homework is a huge battle. And I feel like I've lost the happy boy I had and replaced him with a withdrawn zoned out space cadet. Please tell me that he'll stabilize and we'll see him return.

But on the plus side, his afterschool says he's been better with other kids, talking and responding more, and the one day I had him home when we started it he was more sedate and focused, easier to transition, etc. Waiting to see how his school behavior is but teacher says no change yet and the classroom is really where he needs help.

Another problem we're on the look out for is tics, so far I've heard some throat clearing and jacket collar chewing. I'm not sure if I'm just freaking over every strange behavior or if it's really a tic.

So any advice on how he might be feeling and how he might improve would be great. I keep asking how he feels and he tells me "great" but I'm a total wreck. I really hate this whole process....